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3D design furniture: modern and quality sideboards

3D designer furniture

The design furniture designed in 3D represents if you want the future of furniture. Or at least, one of the possible ways of designing details and elements capable of enriching the usefulness of domestic environments.

For this reason, we have decided to expand our catalog with three new proposals created thanks to three-dimensional design. These are sideboards suitable for enhancing various environments, functional and full of interesting features.

So let's find out all the details.
Modern sideboard with engravings and lacquered

mobili di design madia con incisioni laccata

The first proposal concerns the offer of a sideboard in a modern style, with Missoni engravings. A solution in the name of elegance, and which is structured in a very simple way. The lower part includes two front hinged doors. These elements allow easy access to the two internal shelves, spacious enough to store cosmetics, home and personal hygiene products.

The aesthetic refinement and simplicity of the lines allow the sideboard to be used both as bathroom furniture but also as a sideboard. At the same time, it is possible to imagine it as a piece of furniture to be placed in a corridor already set up in a modern style.

In combination it is possible to include the mirror with wooden frame, which takes up the main color of the sideboard. By adding this detail, you get a complete solution, also suitable for bed and breakfasts and hotels.

Visit the page of the modern sideboard with lacquered Missoni engravings.
Design sideboard with vertical incisions

Madia moderna con incisioni verticali

This sideboard designed in three dimensions shares the same structure as the alternative with Missoni engravings. Its appearance, however, is characterized by delightful vertical engravings and white or black lacquered finishes.

The aesthetics thus obtained is suitable not only for homes and accommodation facilities, but also for professional environments. The versatility of the sideboard makes it suitable for carrying out the task of filing documents, thanks to the spaciousness of the interiors and the ease of use of the doors.

Adding the mirror, then, the versatility increases considerably. It is possible, for example, to insert this piece of furniture in a bathroom, which will suddenly take on a more refined and defined appearance. Certainly a fascinating alternative, which in terms of price settles on an intermediate level within our range of sideboards.

Discover the characteristics of the modern lacquered sideboard with vertical stripe engravings.
Sideboard designed in 3D with mirror

Madia 3D con specchio

The marble effect of this sideboard is undoubtedly fascinating. A refined, elegant but not too elaborate aesthetic. The ideal solution, in other words, for bedrooms, but also for bathrooms, perhaps large in size and already enriched by important marbles in the sink area.

The mirror to be installed on the wall further improves the functional impact of this piece of furniture. A reflective element with a wooden frame that matches perfectly with the sideboard, and which increases the usefulness of an already very comfortable furnishing solution. The doors of the cabinet, in fact, open to make room for two large shelves.

A product entirely designed in 3D, a solution that has made it possible to determine the lines and appearance of a truly unique piece of furniture down to the smallest detail.

Click here for more information on the marble-effect lacquered wooden sideboard with mirror.
The offer of design furniture and furnishings by Porte Italiani

In the section dedicated to hotel furnishings in the Fip catalog you can find numerous design furnishing details intended for both accommodation facilities and homes. And these, of course, include the three sideboards we told you about in this article, capable of bringing functionality and charm to any type of context.

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