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5 reasons to buy a wooden door instead of a glass one

5 reasons to buy a wooden door instead of a glass one

Glass is a fantastic material, but it has its drawbacks. It is light and flexible, but in some situations it does not offer the functionality needed by certain environments. Some glass doors, especially those of poor quality, also turn out to be quite fragile. On the contrary, wooden frames are structurally solid, and more suitable for finding space in environments where a glass frame may not be the most suitable solution.

With this brief introduction, here are five reasons why you should buy a wooden door instead of a glass one:

    They can last longer
    They are easy to clean
    They can be more resistant
    They have greater acoustic insulation
    They are cheaper

Wooden doors last longer

Considering two poor quality doors, it is possible to say that the wooden alternative will last longer than the glass one. Even in the higher-end models, this superiority of wood can be reasserted due to the intrinsic characteristics of the materials involved.

The wooden doors for interiors are particularly solid, they do not cause privacy problems, they do not reveal so clearly the presence of handprints or other imperfections that, instead, the glass could highlight. On the other hand, wooden window frames require routine cleaning, and should be oiled from time to time to avoid wearing down the hinges too much.

The wooden door is easy to clean

La porta in legno è facile da pulire

They are easy to clean

Doors made of panels of certain types of wood - such as ebony - are naturally not very porous. This means they are easier to clean. Dirt and dust can be removed from a wooden door without any particular effort, therefore. Furthermore, if you choose a dark-colored door, the residual dirt will be hidden in some way. A little trick that, with glass doors, is difficult to implement.

Wooden doors can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth and mild soap. Sometimes you can use solutions that can be purchased in department stores or supermarkets, but it is not always necessary. For more information on cleaning doors, in this regard, you can read this article.

They are more resistant

Typically, wooden doors prove stronger over time than an all-glass door. Although, it is good to say that tempered glass doors still manage to offer excellent performance, and in case of breakage they do not disintegrate into small pieces.

Having said that, even from an aesthetic point of view, wooden doors offer an idea of ​​solidity. This does not mean that glass doors can still guarantee a certain robustness, as well as a feeling of innate and timeless elegance.

They have greater acoustic insulation

Wooden doors are generally capable of offering greater sound-shielding action than glass alternatives. The windows with real wood doors, even without special processing, can offer good insulation compared to normal glass doors.

For even greater silence requirements, on the other hand, you can rely on soundproof doors, with an internal structure capable of muffling sounds. This specific type of frame can also be available with a glass door.
They are cheaper

To state a priori that one type of door is cheaper than another is not entirely correct. In our case, however, it is possible to say that some models of wooden doors are less expensive than glass alternatives. In any case, possible variables that change the expense, such as the size of the panel or the tax rate, must be added to the base price.

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