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7 curiosities (and some oddities) about interior doors and more

7 curiosities (and some oddities) about interior doors and more

Interior doors are often forgotten or relegated to a secondary role, in reality interior doors are a fundamental pillar of interior furnishings. Whether it is hospital doors, folding doors or soundproof doors, it does not matter: their task remains essential.

To be satisfied with your purchase, however, you need to know the product you are interested in. That's why we propose some curiosities and oddities related to the role of interior doors (and not only) in history. The next time you contact us to buy your new window, you will be well prepared.

Let's begin!

Modern interior doors and doors in ancient Rome

Janus was the Roman god of beginnings, but also of transitions. For this reason, he was the protector of harbors, passages and gates. To honor him, the Romans equipped their houses with hinged doors. Similarly, the month of January was named in this way precisely in honor of Janus: since it is the first month of the year, it is also the period that marks the beginning of a new period.

When a Roman citizen produced a service of great benefit to the entire community, he received the honor of installing a door that opened outwards, instead of inwards. This symbolized his supportive action towards the empire.

The first doors? They were built by the Egyptians

Historically, the invention of the door is attributed to the ancient Egyptians. In any case, they were simple wooden planks joined together.

On the other hand, in Egyptian society the door also played a fundamental role in the religious and architectural fields. The False Door, in fact, was an element in stone or wood admirable in various buildings of the time. Its symbolism is linked to the passage of the dead from the kingdom of the living to that of the dead.

The largest port in the world is in the United States

138 meters: this is the measurement of the tallest door in the world. For comparison, the Tower of Pisa is about 57 meters high, while the UniCredit Tower, in Milan, reaches 231 meters. These gigantic doors are used at NASA's Vehicle Assembly Section at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, United States. It takes about 45 minutes to open and close this type of window.!

The meaning of doors in dreams

Dreaming of your favorite internal door is certainly a pleasant activity, especially if you are renovating your home and want to change the fixtures. This is even more true if you think of the language of dreams, where the door symbolizes the beginning of something new. But be careful: if you dream of closed passages, it means that you have missed out on advantageous opportunities.

In general, doors are often linked to the concepts of hope and opportunity, but also of communication and liberation.

The influence of doors in Feng Shui

Choosing the right interior door can enhance your home. This is also the opinion of feng shui, a Chinese geomantic art that includes some precepts on how to best furnish homes (more information on the subject is available on this site.

Door feng shui dictates include choosing color, direction and alignment with other interior doors. Each building is a case in itself, and must be analyzed carefully. In this way it is possible to attract universal energy and obtain a beneficial effect.

The interior doors and the Monty Hall problem

A closed door has always been a reason for mystery and curiosity. The famous problem of Monty Hall is based on this principle, which sees three closed doors as protagonists. One of these hides a car, the other two a goat.

We do not dwell too much on the resolution of the paradox (which can be explored thanks to this video: what is certain, however, is that choosing the right door always has positive consequences.
Ireland and the strangeness of colored doors

Choosing the right color for interior doors in homes and offices is always a headache. Parameters such as the type of fixture, the style of the furnishings or the amount of light available must be considered. The door color problem, however, seems to have gotten out of hand in Ireland. This oddity has its roots in the times of Queen Victoria, who raged through much of the 19th century.

According to the chronicles, the queen had ordered citizens to paint the doors of their houses black. The proud Irish, however, refused to carry out the order and, indeed, began to paint their fixtures in bright colors.

The tradition seems to have come down to the present day, however, turning into a recurring joke. According to the ironic version of the story, then, the Irish doors are so colorful to help those who have raised their elbows too much to recognize their home when returning from bars and pubs.

As seen, the door played an evident role in the history of man, and continues to have it even today. Home automation systems, the use of sustainable materials and continuous technological research change its use. Its importance, however, remains unchanged, just as the passion of the experts of Porte Italiane remains unchanged, with more than 50 years of experience.

For any need related to the installation of interior doors for homes, offices and hotels, do not hesitate to contact us!