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COVID-19: FIP donates 800 masks to the hospital of Sant'Agata di Militello corona

COVID-19: FIP donates 800 masks to the hospital of Sant’Agata di Militello coronavirus

At the time of writing, the fight against the Coronavirus is not yet won. We see a glimmer of light, but COVID-19 is still responsible for so many deaths and so much suffering, in Italy as well as throughout the world.

For this reason, everyone's effort is needed to truly put an end to this very sad and demanding period. Today we want to talk to you about one of our recent initiatives, also reported in the press, with which all of us at FIP ​​and Porte Italiane have decided to bring some relief to our community.

donazione da FIP PORTEITALIANE a Ospedale sant'agata di militello

FIP PorteItaliane united against the Coronavirus

For once, we choose to use the space of our blog not to write about tax deductions, home automation for hotels or how to choose the color of the interior doors. We want to tell you about our small initiative, born with the aim of facilitating the life of our fellow citizens.

In the world there are initiatives of solidarity, because it is at this moment that we must all be united. So. Without delay, we decided to find 800 masks, and deliver them completely free of charge to the Hospital of Sant’Agata di Militello. We are happy that the news also appeared in the local press, because it shows that our project has been appreciated.

We didn't do it with the hope of being noticed or receiving appreciation. We did it because, as a Sicilian entrepreneurial reality, we feel it is our duty to have a positive impact on the life of the community.

It is a difficult period for us too: but we are not here to complain, even if we have every reason to. What we feel we can do in this complex period, however, is to help people, with certainly small initiatives, but which are carried out with the heart.

800 mascherine ffp2 donate da porteitaliane

The characteristics of the FFP2 masks

The masks that all the FIP staff donated to the Sant’Agata di Militello hospital are of the FFP2 type. These are aids that offer a good degree of protection. Hoping to please, we briefly summarize their characteristics:

They can protect against solid and liquid dust, smoke and aerosols

· They are suitable for workplaces containing dangerous substances and capable of causing genetic alterations

· They consist of filter material and cover the nose, mouth and usually the chin

· They have a filtering capacity of 94% of the particles suspended in the air. The internal loss, on the other hand, is about 8%

These are usually tools used in the textile, steel, pharmaceutical or fruit and vegetable industries, but also in analysis laboratories. The FFP2 masks are therefore quite versatile and offer a good degree of protection. The principals we have chosen to donate do not have the valve. It should be noted that the presence or absence of this component does not affect the filtering capacity. The fact that there is or is not, therefore, is not an indication of a higher or lower quality garrison.

In general, then, these are tools used by personnel exposed to moderate risk. In this phase they can be essential, because they still offer additional protection compared to surgical masks. The latter, theoretically, are only intended to protect the patient in specific situations (such as entering the operating room).

porteitaliane per il coronavirus

Concrete help for our community

Unfortunately, in recent days the hospital of Sant'Agata di Militello has registered some positive cases of Coronavirus, even among the staff, and that is why we thought it was necessary to provide our doctors, nurses and socio-health workers with all the possible help.

At this stage, many companies are converting their production to try to meet social needs. In our case, it was rather difficult to think of a reorganization, considering that we market interior doors, hotel furniture and hotel home automation systems. This has not prevented us, however, from contributing in some way to the good of our community.

In this very complicated period, FIP and Porte Italiane are ready to play their part in the fight against the Coronavirus.