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Digital or cylinder locks: which one to prefer for your home?

Digital or cylinder locks

The doubt between digital or cylinder locks is a rather important one. Because choosing correctly leads to greatly increasing the level of security in your home. But not only. Other factors come into play such as functionality, aesthetic pleasure, stylistic coherence. All in all, this is a topic worth exploring.

For this reason, we offer a brief comparison of the types of locks most commonly found on the market. The goal is to try to highlight the most important characteristics, so as to understand which alternative is right for you.
Which lock to choose?

All types of locks on the market offer a good level of security. From this basic assumption we can start to try to understand what are the differences between the various models that can be purchased.

In general, the most common options are as follows:

    Double map;
    European cylinder;
    Digital and electronic locks.

Double bitted locks are probably the most common option. The European cylinder alternatives, on the other hand, are now clearly visible both on armored doors for private homes and on windows for offices. Finally, digital locks undoubtedly represent the future, and embrace the new home automation technologies for access management.

Having made this brief introduction, let's analyze in detail the three options listed.

Quali serrature scegliere per le porte di casa tua

The double bit cylinder

For a long time, the double-bit lock has certainly been the main option for armored doors and more. Although it is a rather basic alternative in terms of technology, the level of security offered is still certainly valid.

Their appearance is instantly recognizable. The key has a long stem, with an enlarged shape at the base. The real lock, on the other hand, consists of a single body, with cylinders that are activated and guarantee the opening or closing of the door. The absence of pistons and counter-pistons makes these locks rather safe against the key bumping technique, which involves the use of shaped keys and percussion instruments.

It is a traditional option, in some ways outdated but always reliable and available at advantageous prices.
European cylinder

One of the safest alternatives on the market, the European cylinder lock offers a high degree of protection against break-in attempts. The strengths are numerous, starting from the high resistance. Thanks to the presence of anti-tear metal reinforcements, safety washers and anti-drill pins, this type of lock is proposed as a solid barrier against ill-intentioned people.

At the same time, this type of cylinder is easily replaceable. In the event of a malfunction, it is not necessary to change the entire structure, but it is possible to intervene on the individual components.

Finally, key duplication can only be done by dedicated centres, and not by the closest locksmith. In doing so, the possibility that the house key, or perhaps the condominium door, will be copied by ill-intentioned people, greatly decreases.
Digital and electronic locks

Digital locks, for us at Porte Italiane, represent a great opportunity. They allow fast, precise and secure access management. In the residential sector but above all in the hospitality sector.

In this regard, there are many alternatives that we are pleased to offer to hotel managers and more. Among these, the Guestkey electronic keyboard. It is a system that allows you to open and close the door of your hotel room simply by typing in the code sent by the facility manager.

Alternatively, it is possible to opt for badge readers, but also for QR code readers. In short, the alternatives in this field are truly numerous, and allow you to efficiently manage the entry and exit of guests from hotel rooms.

le serrature e le porte proposte da porte italiane

The offer of Porte Italiane

Porte Italiane puts locks of any type at your disposal. From the magnetic and mechanical models of the internal swing doors, to the cylinder alternatives of the armored doors. Without considering the many digital and electronic options, destined to be integrated into modular and remotely manageable home automation systems.

For more information, do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected], or call 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.