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External doors - the most common colors

The most common colors of exterior doors (and their meaning)

The first impression is only one, so they say. This is why it is important to choose a color that accurately reflects you and your style, because the exterior doors of your home play an important role in the overall attractiveness of the home.

From proven classics to more modern colors, the front door color options are endless. Let's see some of the more common alternatives and their meanings.

A red colored door is a popular choice for older homes. A red door can be combined with any material, including stucco, brick and varnished wood. The appearance of a red front door is majestic. In some countries, it can be synonymous with luck and prosperity.

porte esterne di casa colorate


Black front doors are always a reasonable choice, given their elegant and never out of place appearance. Whether it's a bright red brick house, a vibrant paint color, or a muted gray, black gives the facade a touch of simple sophistication.

Black doors convey strength and class and are a good choice if you want to give your home an urban look.

Navy blue

The navy front door is a nice variation on the “classic” blue theme. For a timeless look, you can choose brass accessories, while matte silver gives a more contemporary vibe, versatile enough to suit any style.


Coral is a bright color that evokes personality and youth. It is a popular choice in homes that want to be trendy, but it can also bring a feeling of calm and happiness. You can bring the same “maritime charm” to a home with a bright blue or teal.


It may sound corny, but a white front door can enhance the look of a home. The white doors reflect the light to give a cheerful look that says: "Come in!". While it may require more frequent cleaning than a classic door, white is a great contrast for brightly colored or dark colored homes.

And for cleaning, in any case, you can follow our advice on door maintenance.

Dark green

If you want a warm, welcoming and versatile look, dark green can be your favorite choice. While most shades of dark green aren't as vibrant, a hunter green or forest green can be used with brick or stucco to create a classy look.
At each colored door… its zodiac sign

If you are undecided about which color to choose for your interior and exterior doors, you might consider adopting a somewhat original approach. That, that is, to base the decision on the basis of your zodiac sign. Read the special on how to renovate doors following the zodiac signs to find out more.


Porte Italiane's offer of colored doors

When choosing the color for the front door it is important to consider the style of the house and the era in which it was built. Mediterranean-inspired homes aren't always suitable for bright red doors. Furthermore, older houses may even appear dull with a color too far removed from the historically accurate color scheme of the time. It is not a question of forcing a style, but of enhancing your home in an organic way.

Porteitaliane's range of fixtures also includes the ability to customize your choice with custom colors and shades. Feel free to contact our experts on 0941 901172 and 0941 912335 to get all the information you are looking for. Together we will be able to identify the shade that best suits your needs.