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Flush-to-the-wall wardrobes, doors and doors: invisible furnishings for the home

Flush-to-the-wall wardrobes, doors and doors: invisible furnishings for the home

Flush-to-the-wall doors or furnishings can meet the most varied needs. As a rule, this type of solution is ideal when there is little space available.

The effect obtained by installing flush-to-the-wall cabinets, doors and doors is highly effective, and immediately creates the feeling that the room involved is larger and more spacious. At the same time, relying on such fixtures and furniture can constitute a precise stylistic choice, devoted to minimalism and modernity.

Invisible windows or doors flush with the wall, therefore, represent an alternative to be taken seriously if you are thinking of renovating your home. Below we specify the main benefits of these solutions, underlining their strengths and the most important technical characteristics.

The benefits of flush-to-wall furnishings

To enhance an open space, make the most of small sizes, optimize space and create new environments. Flush-to-the-wall furnishings are perfect for these and other needs, because of their evident clean lines.

Relying on flush-to-the-wall doors and cabinets, therefore, it is possible to obtain various benefits:

· Make the most of space, both in the case of small rooms but also of larger rooms

· Give elegance to any type of room in an immediate way

· Renovate the house in a short time and with low costs

· Create invisible entrances and niches

The types of flush-to-the-wall furniture are numerous. The three fundamental pillars on which the flush-to-wall furniture is based, in any case, are the wardrobes, doors and doors.

Flush-to-the-wall wardrobes: practicality and functionality without sacrificing space

Choosing to install a flush-to-the-wall wardrobe is an excellent idea if your bedroom does not allow you to introduce traditional wardrobes. A flush-to-wall walk-in closet guarantees numerous advantages. Proposed with a book opening, the furnishings of this type include a solid aluminum structure and polished wooden doors. Furthermore, the doors can be freely decorated with paints or tiles. In this way, you have the opportunity to propose a stylistic continuity with the rest of the wall. This is one of the great advantages of invisible furnishings, which manage to integrate perfectly into the aesthetics of the room.

The flush-to-wall wardrobes therefore offer all the space you need without affecting the size of the room. Why sacrifice your wardrobe when you can make the most of the space at your disposal?

Flush-to-the-wall doors: hidden niches for your accessories

When it comes to invisible furniture, the first thought certainly goes to doors and wardrobes. At the same time, however, it is possible to enhance walls and walls with flush-to-wall doors. These are real hidden niches that allow you to store accessories and any other desired object.

The flush-to-the-wall doors offered by Porte Italiane consist of a solid structure in passivated extruded aluminum, and have a push-pull type opening mechanism.

Easily camouflaged with the rest of the room, these are furnishing details also available in versions with three doors. By installing them, you can create a real secret pantry also equipped with hinges. Furthermore, the constructive flexibility is remarkable: it is possible to design trapezoidal, double-leaf, barrel or arched structures.

Porte filomuro economiche

Flush-to-wall doors: delimit spaces with style and elegance

When dealing with a small house, it is essential to make the best use of all the space at your disposal. This also applies to doors. Installing a hinged frame with a door means having to give up the space on the side of the door itself. This area is thus sacrificed when it could be used to insert appliances or furniture.

Porte Italiane specializes in the installation of flush doors. Our offer includes invisible doors with or without handles, but also bookcase doors and mirrored frames. There is no shortage of retractable models, which integrate the door directly into the wall, for even greater space savings.

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The prices of flush-to-the-wall cabinets, hatches and doors are extremely scalable. The main factors to consider are:

· The size of the frame

· The presence or absence of doors, shelves and other secondary elements

· The introduction of handles, hinges and closing mechanisms

Porte Italiane is available for any information on invisible windows. By contacting us on this page (https://www.porteitaliane.com/cont us) you can start designing your new home and discover all the usefulness of these and other furnishing solutions!