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Frosted glass: all the secrets of this precious material

Frosted glass: all the secrets of this precious material

Frosted glass is a valuable material and widely used in the manufacture of doors. It is popular for use in homes, offices and even restaurants, and comes in different designs.

So let's go and discover all the secrets of this particular type of glass, the protagonist of many fixtures for sale in our catalogue.
What is frosted glass? How much?

Frosted glass is very popular with homeowners who want to add elegance to their home decor. If you have ever thought about purchasing an interior door with this type of glass, read on to learn more about the benefits of using it.

One of the biggest positives is the cost. The price of these modern glass doors is often affordable: many models can be purchased for figures close to 300 euros, as in the case of our external wall sliding doors in frosted glass.

porta scorrevole in vetro satinato disegnato

What makes frosted glass so unique?

Glass doors are a great way to add sophistication to your home, and are a popular choice with homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. This glass door is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

What is the reason for the uniqueness of glass doors? There are few options available when it comes to creating a stylish door that will enhance the beauty of any room. You can choose doors made of wood, metal or, indeed, glass. There are many reasons for choosing frosted glass over other alternatives. First of all, frosted glass adapts perfectly to any type of furniture, guarantees a higher level of privacy than transparent doors, and is easily adaptable to both professional and domestic environments.
How satin glass is produced

The manufacturing process for this type of glass involves polishing the surface to a smooth, shiny surface and applying several layers of thin coating. The final stage in the production of the material is the application of the transparent lacquer. If there are scratches on the glass, this will ensure that they are covered by the coating.

What is glass of this type used for? Most people use frosted glass for interior projects. The glossy finish of the glass allows it to reflect light. For this reason, the material has a more refined look than ordinary glass.
Applications of frosted glass

This material can be used to create beautiful windows, but also glass for interior doors and sliding glass doors. The elegant look is one of the main advantages of using this type of glass. In addition to being very resistant, frosted glass doors are simply very beautiful.

There are many different materials you can use to make your own glass partition doors. The choice should fall on the one that looks good and fits your home. In general, a frosted glass door adapts to any type of environment, but it is still good to carefully evaluate all the alternatives available to you before making the purchase. For any help or advice, in any case, the experts of Porte Italiane are at your complete disposal.

Porta scorrevole a quattro ante con vetro satinato bronzato

The large range of doors in satin glass by Porte Italiane

Among the many alternatives offered by the Porte Italiane catalogue, satin glass doors are one of the most popular options. Their unique aesthetic is combined with an often affordable price, suitable for different spending needs. Try our glass door configurator to create the combination closest to your needs.

And for any other information, call 0941 912335 and 0941 901172: together we will be able to create the fixture capable of enhancing your home, accommodation or professional business.