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Glass doors: four reasons to buy them


Glass doors are immediately associated with sensations of elegance, refinement and modernity. Erroneously, one would be led to think that these furnishing solutions are fragile and do not indicate specific environments, but some do not. Here are four reasons why you should consider buying it.

porte in vetro hotel

They delimit the spaces with sobriety and elegance

A glass door has the ability to delimit spaces in a simple and direct way, like any other type of door. What distinguishes it, however, is its aesthetic aspect, which lends itself to multiple variations in color, treatment and usability.

Inserting a glass door in a hotel room, for example to limit the bathroom area, creates a luxurious atmosphere, and is an ideal choice for rooms intended for single travelers or couples, or in higher-class suites . In the domestic environment, however, the glass door can easily delimit what was initially an open space, separating the living area and the kitchenette. In the working context, then, the contribution of the glass door is essential for the creation of modules, offices and spaces where meetings and reunions can be organized.

porte in vetro hotel

They have different operating mechanisms

Who said that the glass door is not a solution with an intuitive use? Modern productions offer various operating mechanisms on the market. The classic hinged glass door is flanked by sliding options.

Sliding glass doors are an ideal option for situations where space is a parameter to be taken into consideration. This specific solution also gives the area involved a more modern, essential and minimalist character. The perfect alternative for work environments, but also for private practice.

porte in vetro hotel

They offer a variety of processes and levels of transparency

Glass door does not automatically mean "transparent door": this assumption is denied by all the alternatives offered by the market, which never fails to surprise with increasingly effective and aesthetically appealing processes.

It starts with the extra-clear glass doors, also available in a satin version, to continue with the mirrored glass doors. The latter constitute a real multifunctional piece of furniture, because in addition to ensuring the necessary insulation, they also allow for an additional reflective surface.

porte in vetro hotel

The sandblasted glass doors, on the other hand, represent the ideal option to delimit the sleeping area, to close walk-in closets, the bathroom area and in general all those environments that require a certain amount of privacy. The satin doors, on the other hand, lend themselves well to decorating rooms, thanks to the possibility of including engravings and colored drawings of various types; ideal solutions for the most creative offices, but also for the home.

It is also possible to install glass doors for exteriors, in order to enrich the appearance of hotels, homes and workplaces even more. In this specific case, you can opt for transparent doors, ideal for hotel lobbies and office entrances, or for colored alternatives in lacquered glass.

porte in vetro hotel

They are available at competitive prices

As in the case of the bookcase doors

glass doors are also a solution capable of being accessible from an economic point of view. There are alternatives on the market with prices below 400 euros, especially if you opt for frosted glass panels without decorations. As the price rises, in any case, you can take advantage of exclusive features such as automatic sliding on the track, ideal for commercial environments, and the presence of even rather complex designs.

The choice, therefore, is wide and able to satisfy those looking for modern furnishing elements with innate elegance.