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Glass Partition Wall Configurator: the whole procedure

Glass Partition Wall Configurator: the whole procedure

Partition walls: The potential of glass in home furnishings is almost infinite. Think of all the types of house doors that you can buy in the Italian Doors catalog: between sliding frames and with wooden panels, the choice is really wide. However, the role that glass can play in defining spaces is often overlooked. For this reason we have chosen to create a new and powerful tool that allows you to create glass partition panels. Let's go to the discovery of its characteristics.

How does the Glass Partition Wall Configurator work?

The first step is to open the page of the Glass Partition Walls Configurator of Italian Doors. After doing this, you will find yourself in front of a page where you will be asked to select some options. We refer to:

    Number of doors
    Compartment width and height
    Possible reduced VAT rate

Each option affects the final price, clearly indicated by the item "Estimate". Furthermore, the modification of each selection also updates the preview image of the partition wall. In this way, a concrete confirmation of what is one's own creation is always available. At the same time, it will be possible to view the top view of the project, to better understand its structure.

After completing this phase, simply click on “Next Step” to continue along the configuration path.

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The estimate of the Glass Partition Walls Configurator

In a few moments a new page will be loaded containing the quote for your glass door. In particular, all the information selected on the previous page will be shown, starting with the color and number of doors. There will be information on processing times, transport costs and the final amount to be paid.

The most interesting feature, however, is the description that our powerful configurator is able to create independently according to the features you require. As an example, we report the description of a glass partition wall 3 doors by 3 doors, made up entirely of our software:

“Create your spaces with the folding multi-door system created to elegantly separate rooms. Available in different wood or lacquered finishes, SPACE LIGHT is ideal in the home environment for walk-in wardrobes or to separate two bedrooms or in offices for storage spaces.

Also available in full height from floor to ceiling, available with two doors up to 4 or on request with multiple doors. The innovative partition / book room division system with its linear design also allows you to furnish your home.

This dividing door is composed of sliding glass doors on a track fixed to the ceiling, requiring no type of intervention on the flooring and giving a sense of continuity and the right privacy. "

As you can see, the description includes all the references needed to get an idea of ​​the type of product selected. Furthermore, for greater completeness, all the technical characteristics of the chosen product are reported, with lots of details relating to the thickness of the wood, type of glass, ceiling supports and much more.

If you are satisfied with the result, just click on "Send request" to proceed with the purchase. Do not forget to indicate your name and surname, city, telephone and a valid email address. You will also have the opportunity to send a photo or a message, in case of customization.

To continue modifying some aspects of your glass partition before purchasing, instead, select "Go back".

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The partition walls offered by Porte Italiane

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