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Home automation for hotels: problems and opportunities to be examined

Home automation for hotels: problems and opportunities to be examined

Home automation for hotels

Home automation for hotels is the sector that most of all will influence the design of accommodation facilities in the future. The creation of experiences designed for guests, in fact, must necessarily take into account technological innovations. Making the most of this type of opportunity is essential for hotels wishing to keep up with the times.

We have already talked about home automation systems for hotels on several occasions. In the article dedicated to the 2019 trends for hotels and hotels, in particular, we identified home automation as one of the key themes of the current year.

The challenges to be met and overcome, however, are of different kinds. Alongside the positive repercussions on the performance of your business, there are also possible problems that you need to know how to deal with correctly.

The challenges of do-it-yourself home automation for hotels: the management of the Internet of Things IOT

The implementation of technology within hotels brings with it inevitable challenges. One of the obstacles to overcome is certainly the one related to interacting with guests. These are problems that do not concern only small structures, but also the most prestigious hotels.

To confirm this, we report this article that appeared on the pages of Wired, and dedicated to the Japanese hotel Henn-na. The facility, in 2017, had a team of two hundred robots, automating half of the workforce. Their duties were the most disparate, from reception to maintenance. After only two years, following various problems, however, it was decided to return to a staff composed mostly of human beings.

Poor empathy and functionality: the limits of hotel or home automation automation

The problems that led to the disposal of the various robots are two: poor functioning and lack of empathy with customers. The porter robots chosen by the hotel, for example, were only able to reach 24 rooms out of 100. In case of bad weather, moreover, the automata were not able to function properly.

The Churi robot, on the other hand, had been chosen for public assistance tasks and placed in every room. Even in this case, however, the inability to answer the questions posed by guests clearly undermined its usefulness. In some cases, moreover, the snoring of some travelers activated the automaton during the night, for a significant disturbance.

The opportunities of hotel home automation

Home automation for hotels, as seen, brings with it demanding challenges. The fact that the technology behind robots is not yet fully mature does not mean that there are no substantial opportunities.

In fact, technological systems of this type make it possible to create environments that are totally tailored to the guest. The management of lighting and internal temperature can be entrusted to simple commands, or automated. The interaction between customer and reception, then, can be entrusted to touch-screens with icon interfaces. Thanks to the introduction of voice assistants, you can make your guests' stay even more intuitive, and create real intelligent rooms.

Home automation systems or home automation systems are particularly scalable and adaptable to the needs of accommodation facilities. Furthermore, the latest legislative measures have made it possible to carry out the necessary restructuring interventions at affordable costs.

Flexibility and innovation: the advantages of hotel automation or home automation system

In the latest editions of Host, the annual event organized by Fiera Milano and POLL Design, the best home automation innovations for hotels were awarded. As reported by Mixerplanet, the latest products to be awarded are:

    Customizable home automation handles, with advanced functions
    Ultra-thin hanging minibar
    Oxygen barrier decanters, aimed at preserving the organoleptic properties of beverages

Looking at the limitations of artificial intelligences alone, therefore, would be incorrect. Hotel automation, if used consistently, offers numerous solutions, and allows you to get the most out of your hotel.

Italian doors and home automation services for hotels

Home automation is confirmed as a rapidly expanding and rapidly changing sector. To be able to better orient yourself, therefore, it is necessary to rely on a trained and serious company. Porte Italiane is ready to help you: by contacting us you can get a quote and in-depth advice.