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Home automation Kit Check in Hotel with Save energy for access management

Home automation Kit Check in Hotel with Save energy for access management

Home automation appears as an increasingly essential element in the management of accommodation facilities that really want to define themselves as modern and in step with the times. For this reason, we have designed an innovative system that combines two of the most pressing needs for hotel and bed and breakfast owners. These are access control and energy consumption management.

So let's find out how the Check in Hotel Kit with Save energy works, available immediately at a particularly advantageous price on this page.

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What does the Hotel check in Kit with Save energy include?

The Guest Key kit for access management consists of various accessories that allow you to create a real home automation system with a hardware and software ecosystem for managing hotel entrances and exits. In particular, by purchasing the package on offer on our site you will get:

    1x Access control keypad with RFID badge
    1x Timed Energy Saving Pocket
    1x 12V DIN rail power supply
    1x DIN rail contactor
    4x RFID Card

It is therefore a complete system, which gives great control and allows you to save up to 30% of energy consumption. All without having to hand over keys or RFID cards, in order to give your guests greater freedom.

A particularly appreciated system, based on technologies subject to patent application and protagonist at the recent Sia Expo in Rimini (11-13 October 2022). On that occasion, Guest Key was able to show his creation to the public for the first time, arousing the interest of insiders. For more information, consult the page dedicated to Italian Doors on the Siaexpo website.

How does this hotel automation system work?

The Hotel Check in Kit with energy saver Guest Key is an exclusive product, which offers operation both via keypad code and RFID card. This is the scheme of operation:

    The customer enters the room for the first time using the single-use time code (valid only for the days of the stay in the hotel), previously transmitted by the manager. The code can be sent via WhatsApp message, SMS or email
    Once the code has been entered, the keyboard will deliver energy to the chamber
    Inside the room, moreover, the guest will find a special card in the energy saving pocket. This card will be used for subsequent entrances
    Every time the guest leaves the room using the card, the electricity will be disconnected, for significant energy savings
    At the end of the stay, all electrical services will be disconnected and the card will no longer work

It is therefore easy to understand how it is a particularly advanced home automation system that is able to save money. Energy is actually delivered only when the guest is inside the structure, avoiding unnecessary waste. Thanks to the Check in Hotel Kit with Save energy Guest Key, therefore, it is possible to easily achieve various strategic objectives:

    Customer satisfaction: the entire check-in experience is rethought and now appears more streamlined, flexible and customizable. The guest does not have to wait their turn at the reception, but as soon as they enter the hotel, they enter their keypad code to enter the room immediately
    Energy saving: timed codes disable utilities at the end of the stay. The RFID cards also disable the power every time the guest leaves the room
    Automated experience: no more lost keys, misunderstandings on the date of check-in and check-out: both customers and managers can count on an automated, precise and equipped with all the modernity of a patented home automation system

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All the access control system solutions for hotels by Porte Italiane

The Hotel Check in Kit with Save energy Guest Key is just one of the many proposals of Porte Italiane in terms of home automation for accommodation facilities. From the automation system for Aladino gyms to the iLock electronic intelligent lock, to the RFID reader, there are so many solutions.

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