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Home office: ideas to make it more comfortable and productive

Home office: ideas to make it more comfortable and productive

Home office: ideas to make it more comfortable and productive

It is true that having a home office helps you work better. This place, often hastily created, allows you to do your job easily, efficiently and comfortably.

On the other hand, when it comes to the office, the needs can be the most disparate. You may want a private workspace that isolates you from the rest of the house, or a brighter and more inspiring area. So here are five ideas that will help you find the perfect design for your home office.


An office inside a wardrobe: is it possible?

If you love tight spaces and aren't afraid to take risks, your office could be contained in a closet. The basic set-up requires a desk or folding table and a small chair or stool. These can easily fit into your bedroom closet or hallway linen closet.

Since this is a small space, it is important to replace the door of the affected room. A sliding window with glass allows you to save space and let the light pass in order not to feel "in the dark" during the next call.
Create a small loft to work in peace

A dedicated space in the attic or in the loft is the best way to work in peace. Adding doors is the first step in defining your production space. A door with glass panels offers the necessary shielding from the outside, while letting the light filter through.

After choosing the frame, the next step is to adapt the furniture to your specific needs. Simple shelves can be used to save space and better organize your work tools. Adding plants can improve mood and inspire creativity. Finally, if you intend to personally meet clients or colleagues, you should invest in a small sofa.

An office full of style in the living room

For a large part of the day the living room could be unused, given the commitments of the various family members. Why not make the most of it by obtaining an office corner?

Also in this case, you could act on the ports for greater functionality. The flush-to-the-wall sliding doors, among others, can ensure an open and airy atmosphere, while at the same time keeping the noises of the other rooms at bay.

Adding a desk or coffee table is useful for better organizing spaces. And then, being a living room, the accessories should never be missing. Solid color paintings, furniture and rugs inspire creativity wherever you look, from floor to ceiling.

The Corner Office

A corner office is ideal for making work at home more efficient. It is a question of taking a corner of any room, perhaps not very used, and making it functional to the performance of one's duties.

Doors can help make your workspace more comfortable. Adding light, maintaining privacy and creating a sophisticated environment are all goals that can be achieved with folding doors, perhaps matching the rest of the furniture.
Improvise a multifunctional work area

If you can't make a real home office, consider making some changes to a multifunctional area to create a space that works for everyone.

In this context, a sliding door (external or internal wall) is the best option for when you need to work, train or spend time with your family.

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