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Hotel furniture: 4 ideas on how to use it to combat the summer heat

Hotel furniture and soundproof doors: 4 ideas on how to use it to combat the summer heat

The soundproofed doors and furnishings of hotels and bed and breakfasts are an essential element of the offer of any accommodation facility. With furniture, accessories and fixtures chosen correctly it is possible to obtain numerous benefits:

   - Improvement of the image of the structure
   - Increase in positive word of mouth
   - Increase in the number of guests
   - Improvement of the user experience

The last aspect mentioned is made up of varied and very different factors. Creating an experience that is truly based on the needs of guests is a long-term process that involves trial and error. All this is even more true if we consider that the needs of visitors change from season to season. The arrival of summer, for example, represents a challenge even for the most attentive hoteliers. Here are some ideas on how hotel furniture can help its guests fight the typical summer heat.

In Italy it is getting hotter and hotter, and hotel furniture must take this into account

Having to propose hotel furnishing solutions against the summer heat has now become a requirement. According to Istat research, in the period between 2002 and 2016 the days considered summer and the nights evaluated as tropical increased compared to the average.

All this means that those who choose to go on a summer vacation often find themselves dealing with sunny days and high temperatures. Once at the hotel, travelers want nothing more than to find a clean, tidy and above all fresh environment. That's why hotel furniture can make a difference, and give guests the experience they deserve.

Take advantage of hotel furnishings to offer more bedding

The increase in temperature affects not only the hours of light, but also those at night. For this reason it is essential to intervene in the sleeping area. Some guests, to avoid the heat, may choose not to undo the bed, but to sleep directly on the bedspread. In some cases, travelers prefer to use a second set of fresh sheets to get more refreshment.

For this reason, it is essential to choose roomy wardrobes and supply them with extra sheets: this way, guests will be able to use them during the night and sleep better.

Install soundproof doors and insulating frames to rest better

A good habit when going on vacation to warm places is to go out early in the morning, go back to your room in the afternoon and spend the evening out. This means that silence is required inside the rooms even during the day. A guest who returns to the room for an afternoon nap, in fact, will hardly bear the hustle and bustle. The reduction of unwanted noise can be achieved thanks to the soundproof doors for hotels, which offer an effective shielding action.

To combat the heat even during the day, however, it is possible to install insulated windows, such as insulating doors. In this way, the fresh air generated by the air conditioners has no way of getting out of the room and dispersing. In doing so, moreover, a considerable energy saving is recorded.

Flush-to-the-wall doors for bathrooms, for design hotel furniture

Summer is the season for showers. When it's hot, just back from a morning at the beach, there's nothing better than cooling off in your hotel room. Hotel furniture comes to the rescue of managers and tourists also in this case.

The rule dictates that, immediately after a shower, any humidity generated must escape exclusively from the bathroom window. For this reason, the service door must remain closed, in order to prevent humidity from spreading to the rest of the room, increasing the temperature.

One of the best options to install in bathrooms is flush-with-the-wall hinged doors. This type of fixtures, in fact, combines elegance and functionality, allowing the right amount of light to pass, while preserving privacy and sealing the rooms. In this way, after a nice shower you can relax in the best possible way, ready for the next tourist excursion!

Bathroom furniture For the most suitable hotel furniture solutions for your case, contact Porte Italiane: our experts, with over 50 years of experience, will be able to offer you the most suitable alternative.