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Hotel furniture: the wrong choice can damage your structure

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Hotel furniture is an integral part of the offer that an accommodation facility reserves for its guests. Travelers now have an endless series of news, reviews and information at their disposal, and are increasingly attentive to their choices. What the guest is looking for is no longer a place to spend the night, but a structure that guarantees them an all-round experience. This explains the increase in home automation in hotel rooms, increasingly aimed at offering personalized experiences based on the needs of individual guests. This is why furniture, accessories and furnishings can be the starting point for creating a relationship between hotel and customer that is lasting and profitable.

For this reason, choosing hotel furniture incorrectly can lead to damage to the entire structure, which concern not only purely practical aspects, but also of image. Let's find out, then, how the wrong hotel furnishings can damage hospitality structures.

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Uncomfortable furnishings can ruin a living room

The basic principle is very simple: hotel furniture must be comfortable enough to guarantee the guest an ideal rest. The basic consistency in design and aesthetics is of little use if, in fact, the bedside table has a drawer that does not open well, the wardrobe has a slightly unglued door or the door shows traces of humidity.

For this reason, it is necessary that the hotel furniture is subjected to continuous maintenance, in order to guarantee guests the best possible experience. Take REI doors for example, the inclusion of these solutions, essential for ensuring safety in the event of fires, must be designed in a consistent manner and always keeping in mind the way in which the guest will use them. Eliminating the impact of the door by choosing the wrong opening direction, for example against the escape route to reach the fire escape stairs, decreases the feeling of security and order, creating possible damage to the entire accommodation facility.

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Furniture and furnishings do not communicate the right image

In the article on how to design a hotel room in a coherent, available way, we explained that one of the key points is the inclusion of furniture that is increasingly integrated into the context of the room and the accommodation itself. This means that if you are trying to give your boutique hotel an edge, you will have to try to choose furnishings that communicate a feeling of refinement and elegance. On the contrary, if you turn to a shabby chic style, a lot of attention must be paid to the materials, color and overall aesthetics of the furniture. This discourse does not only concern hotels and five-star hotels: even bed and breakfasts, for example, can take advantage of the different styles to create an environment that is as familiar, welcoming and “easy” as possible.

Communicating the right image is not just a question of marketing: being able to make guests understand that your hotel is characterized by a defined style can help you get a better image, identifying with the traveler's needs. In practice, all this can lead to a lasting relationship, and to building a relationship based on trust.

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Doors and furniture are not in harmony with each other

Choosing the correct hotel furniture is the result of a reasoned and long-term process, which must produce a unified and coherent image. Very often, however, we find ourselves in the situation where it is not all the furniture in the room that needs to be replaced, but only a piece of furniture. In these cases, the risk is to include a new element that is in contrast with the style of the doors, bedside tables, beds or boiserie already present.

For this reason, it is necessary to have in mind from the beginning the type of style you want to follow. If your hotel wants to communicate an informal image, and this principle is followed right from the installation of the first furniture, it will be easier to replace a certain furniture later on. If, on the other hand, more indefinite criteria are followed, for example by choosing furniture only because it is the cheapest at the time of purchase, you could run into image problems.

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Furniture and furnishings do not take full advantage of home automation

Hotel furniture can no longer do without home automation: being able to consistently integrate technological solutions of this type gives your accommodation an edge, and allows you to offer guests a totally personalized experience. Lighting systems, touch screens and voice assistants must therefore become part of the rooms, without forgetting, however, the basic coherence that must guide every choice.

arredo hotel porteitaliane

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