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Hotels and lodges: the trends that will dominate the scene in 2019

Hotels and lodges: the trends that will dominate the scene in 2019

To best design a hotel room, you need to understand what your guests' needs are. If the choice of doors and furnishings, the use of advanced technologies and the correct organization of spaces allow you to build a satisfying experience, it is also true that staying up to date with the latest trends is of fundamental importance. Following the most up-to-date trends does not mean having to renovate the rooms of your hotel every year: rooms and bedrooms can keep up with the times by updating finishes, furniture and other furnishing accessories. These are some of the trends that will be the most popular in 2019.

hotel e alberghi tendenza

Authenticity and Italian tradition

Whether it's a boutique hotel, a sober three-star hotel or a bed and breakfast, the way to follow to impress your guests in 2019 will be that of being Italian. Travelers arriving in our country expect to find original and modern environments, which however know how to recall the typical Italian customs. For this reason, the 2019 hotel must be able to offer decorations that combine identity and technology.

Suspended furniture and furnishings, equipped walls, glass doors and wood paneling quickly give a modern look to the rooms, making the hotel more modern without distorting its image.

hotel e alberghi tendenza

Color returns to the center of interiors

The watchword in the use of materials will be: contamination. Doors, decorations and objects will offer more and more variety, starting from different types of wood to include metals, plastic and transparent materials. At the center of everything comes back to color. According to the 2019 trends of the Pantone Color Institute, in 2019 pastel colors will leave room for decidedly brighter colors.

On the one hand, red and orange design Ethno Chic atmospheres that blend well with hotels that offer wellness areas, while on the other white and blue allow you to create environments with a classic flavor, suitable for any type of structure. Color affects not only walls and horizontal surfaces, but also furnishings, accessories and surrounding elements. In this way, enriching your rooms with white wooden doors and wenge furniture can prove to be the winning move.

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Flexibility of furniture and accessories

The interior design of 2019 consists of flexible elements. Guests expect more and more original accommodation experiences, rather than just stays in rooms without personality. For this reason, the classic furnishings, characterized by a static concept, evolve to become real platforms on which to build modular experiences, characterized by multiple uses. Equipped walls and boiserie redesign the spaces, while the use of home automation allows for perfect lighting conditions in any context.

Flexibility also means greater visual impact, thanks also to the use of brighter colors. The sleeping area, the entrance or the living room of apartments and rooms are thus redesigned to offer emotions, more than mere material utility.

hotel e alberghi tendenza

More information, more comfort

If the furniture becomes more flexible, the trip becomes more personal. Integration with new technologies is part of the hottest themes of 2019, including in the field of hotel furniture. The entry of increasingly "intelligent" furniture allows not only to automate some processes related to temperature and lighting management, but also to personalize the experience. Thanks to the collection of data relating to the use of computer systems, even during the booking phase, it is possible to shape the entire offer based on the preferences of the guests.

In this way, the hotel room comes to recognize the guest, modifying its behavior according to who is occupying it. The modularity of the layout and design, the flexibility of use of the furniture and the brighter colors thus provide the ultimate experience.

hotel e alberghi tendenza

Un 2019 all’insegna dell’esperienza utente, quindi: gli hotel che sapranno adattarsi a questi cambiamenti, potranno veramente offrire qualcosa di speciale, che sarà apprezzato dagli ospiti.