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How to choose the right handles, locks and hinges for interior doors?

How to choose the right handles, locks and hinges for interior doors?

You have purchased the perfect door to complete your home. Now, however, it's time to choose accessories. With so many styles available, it can be difficult to make a decision as to which details will help achieve the desired look for your interior doors.

In this article, then, we will see how to choose essential details for the use of a door. We will focus on handles, hinges and locks, and take a look at the opportunities offered by home automation.
How to match the right handles

If your house doors have a relatively traditional design, then you could opt for brass or chrome handles. This is the most classic choice, which allows you to obtain a sober look suitable for any type of environment. Safe, easy to use and easy to clean alternatives that also offer a certain degree of safety - essential when there are children in the home.

Traditional and classic, therefore, are two of the adjectives that are used most when it comes to door handles. But the offer, obviously, is not limited to these measured styles. Accessories are available in a variety of styles and colors, and often a minimalist and modern handle is the right choice over classic alternatives.

Hygiene is a much discussed topic in public opinion and today it is more relevant than ever. Touching a doorknob is like shaking hands with thousands of unknown people. The SecuSan® handle is a special surface that immediately and permanently fights microbial proliferation

Whether in clinics, schools, industrial complexes or recreational facilities, with DK SecuSan® HOPPE handles, a solution that offers active protection precisely where it is most needed.

It does not require maintenance and is suitable for prolonged use. Its high efficacy has been demonstrated in independent laboratory and practical tests, see the peculiar characteristics on our site

Other handles are designed to be "difficult" to open, in order to provide greater security.

Think of the alternatives often proposed in sliding doors or flush-to-the-wall doors, which tend to minimize this detail as much as possible. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the door handles must correspond to the orientation of the frame itself. If you have a door that opens to the left or right, make sure the handles follow the same direction.

how to have the right interior door handles

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Choose the correct hinge model

It is a good idea to choose hinges that match the finish of the handles. If you have purchased brass door accessories, then it may be correct to choose brass hinges as well. This will create a consistent and seamless look.

Many interior doors marketed today have invisible concealed hinges with 3D adjustment. Each alternative is better suited to specific types of doors, which is why it is good to choose wisely.

An ideal solution for those who want this component to be as discreet as possible.

The invisible hinges as the name suggests are not seen from the outside and do not affect the aesthetics and design of the interior doors. For this reason all the new door collections have this solution.

Beware of locks

As for the latter, there are numerous options to choose from. One of the most common choices is between alternative cylinder locks or digital locks. We have already talked about it in a dedicated article, where we explained how each type of lock can be more suitable for different environments.

For silent closing, a lock that we would like to recommend is the magnetic lock in which the latch stays flush with the front. Only when the door is closed does the attractive force of the magnet make the latch come out in the striker to then secure it safely.

In this way there will be no friction between the latch and the frame, increasing comfort thanks to the silent closing. The lock, having no moving parts, requires no maintenance and offers extraordinary silence and wear resistance.

The most important thing, in any case, is to understand what your needs are, and above all what degree of security you need to expect from your door. The speech applies to both external and internal fixtures.

Advantages of invisible locks and handle

Under the banner of MINIMALISM, the use of an innovative method for opening and closing doors is the use of invisible locks. This type of lock meets the criteria of minimalism allowing the complete integration of the lock and the handle. The door is completely smooth, instead of the lock it has a plug which, if pushed, allows the lock to be unlocked when the door is opened.

There is also a privacy version, suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms where there is also a hardly perceptible closing system.

The invisible handle together with the door flush with the wall allow harmonious creations throughout the environment by integrating the door entirely with the wall in which it is inserted as soon as the door leaf is completely closed.

See our video on the invisible lock.
Take advantage of home automation for greater convenience

It is clear that home automation can also help in choosing the best accessories for the doors of the house. Electronic and remote-controlled locks, for example, make opening and closing operations easier. At the same time, systems are available for opening via smart cards, or by typing in codes that can be sent via email and more. This last opportunity is very interesting for accommodation facilities. In this regard, we point out the Aladino electronic lock, ideal for hotels and more.

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Porte Italiane offers a complete range of fixtures and accessories

After purchasing a door, as seen, the choice of accessories allows you to personalize your window or door in an even more evident way. To make the best decisions, however, it is necessary to act wisely. For any request for information or support, do not hesitate to ask for help from Porte Italiane.

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