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How to combine the Pantone Colors of the year 2021 with Doors and Fixtures?

How to match the Pantone Colors of the year 2021

Last December, the US company Pantone declared what the Color of the Year will be. After the Living Coral of 2019 and the Classic Blue of 2020, 2021 has reserved a surprise. In fact, the choice fell not on a single color, but on two.

So let's find out what these two colors are, and how they can be used to create unique doors and window frames.

colori dell'anno pantone 2021 per porte

Illuminating and Ultimate Grey: the Pantone colors of 2021

The two colors that will represent 2021 according to Pantone will be Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. The former is a rather intense yellow, the latter a warm grey. Specifically, also wanting to mention the color codes, these are PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating and PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray.

To understand the reason for this choice, it is useful to connect to what is written on the Official Pantone website. In particular, scrolling through the words, we arrive at this definition:

“Message of happiness supported by great fortress, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is ambitious and ignites hope. We need to think that things will shine again; it is something essential for the human mind.”

After what happened in 2020, with the Coronavirus pandemic that has reaped pain and death, it was inevitable to think of such a message. Yellow, we read again, brings to mind sensations of joy and liveliness, and all the warmth of the sun. Grey, on the other hand, reassures with its discretion, also proposing a message of resistance and resilience to difficulties.

In short, we try to look to the future with joy and cheerfulness, without forgetting, however, to maintain a proactive and composed attitude.
How to use Ultimate Grey?

The fact of having proclaimed two Pantone colors of the year greatly extends the furnishing possibilities at one's disposal.

The simplest solution seems to be to use Ultimate Gray in professional contexts. This shade can easily be combined with external wall sliding doors with invisible track and lacquered door. It is a nuance that is well suited to modern, contemporary working environments, where style must necessarily go hand in hand with a certain idea of ​​sobriety.

Grey, as can also be read on the Pantone website, gives a certain feeling of composure and discretion, and therefore proves to be ideal for professional studios and offices. At the same time, it is a color that goes well with white or cream, and in general with the light shades that normally characterize vertical surfaces.

potenzialià del giallo illuminating su porte e infissi

All the potential of Illuminating yellow

A beautiful strong yellow, cheerful, full of life. Pantone's choice to include Illuminating among the colors of the year evidently wants to bring an optimistic message about the future, after all the pain of 2020.

How to use this shade to enhance your doors? No doubt yellow is a color that can help create a focal point within a room, especially when surrounded by darker hues. An idea could be to opt for a lacquered door with engravings, which lends itself well to being customized with various types of shades.

Obviously you have to act with moderation, so as not to create an "eyesore" effect for those who observe the room for the first time. How to do? Certainly you can think of placing the door side by side with furnishing details of the same colour, or in any case of a light tint. Vases and other furnishings can help. Even better if you have light colored furniture. In short, the freedom of action is great.

offerte di porte personalizzate di porte italiane

Porte Italiane creates customized doors for your needs

Fip allows you to easily create your own personalized door. In this way it is possible to obtain fixtures of all kinds by choosing the Pantone 2021 colors. Our catalog includes sliding and swing doors, options that prove to be the most suitable for making the most of the two shades in question.

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