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How to create a state of the art home office? 5 tips

How to create a state of the art home office? 5 tips

The days of waking up early, getting dressed, and going to the office may be gone forever. At least for many. While companies continue to follow organizational models that involve smart working, it is clear that domestic spaces are not entirely cut out for working from home. Fortunately, most homes are adaptable. With a little imagination and the right furnishings, it is therefore possible to transform almost any room in the house into a home office.

Here are the steps to follow.
Find the right room

The key to working remotely is to find a room that offers enough space for a desk, some accessories and a chair. It will take some time to find a place that fits your needs, but once you find it you will be able to operate more than efficiently. In this sense, doors play a fundamental role, especially in rather "busy" rooms, such as the living room. Making the right separation between spaces becomes fundamental, and this goal can be achieved with different types of fixtures.

In general, there are three areas of the house most suitable to be adapted as an office:

    - Bedroom: A bedroom is a natural choice for the home office. To obtain the necessary layout you can rearrange the arrangement of the furniture. And if you have a large enough wardrobe, removing the doors and freeing up some space will allow you to convert it into an office corner.
    - Kitchen: usually these rooms have a high quality lighting system. If you can save space by storing unused items in drawers and furniture, you can use the kitchen table or island as a desk
    - Basement: These areas can be transformed into a perfect home office. DIY shelving systems and stackable containers save space and make these rooms very versatile. To improve overall comfort, soundproof doors could also be considered

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Select the appropriate doors and other furnishings

The right accessories can make a difference when working from home. Think about the kinds of objects you would like to have around when you work. A door that matches the style of the surrounding environment can be very comfortable, even from a stylistic point of view. It helps create a focal point, which can promote concentration. It improves the soundproofing and the thermal profile of the room, for a higher level of comfort.

In short, try to be aware of the existing design. At the same time, however, feel free to also choose elements that enliven and make your office space unique.
Take advantage of technology and home automation

You are creating a place to work, so don't forget the practical needs that each office presents. In other words, you will need easy access to power outlets and a good internet connection. If you find that all those cables are becoming an inextricable tangle, you can think of purchasing special wire organizers, or wainscoting and skirting boards.

And home automation can help a lot. The room you will be working in will probably have one or two light points. Modern remote control systems allow you to better manage the intensity, color and operating time of the lighting systems. It is possible to create customized scenarios, so that the lights turn on and off at the beginning and at the end of the working day. Taking care of these aspects will help you work better and be more productive.

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