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ideas for renovating and changing the color of interior doors

5 ideas to renovate and change the color of interior doors

Changing the color of interior doors can be an opportunity to update the style of your home. Just like the other furnishing details, the fixtures also follow stylistic cycles and trends that change their appearance and functionality year after year. In this short guide we propose five ideas and shades that allow you to modernize your windows and renew them at their best.
Classic blue, ideal for changing the color of interior doors

The first option undoubtedly concerns the color for the interior door Classic Blue prices. Named the Pantone 2020 color of the year, this color is suitable for all domestic environments, especially those where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Renewing the interior doors by choosing Classic Blue is an ideal option, for example, for the children's room, where you can insert colored elements without fear of exaggerating or creating too daring mixes. In this way it is possible to create a relaxing environment, good for making the little ones fall asleep, without sacrificing the liveliness that these rooms must have.

The doors in Classic Blue adapt to different styles, and manage to create a focal point inside the room without attracting too much attention, especially if the color of the walls is dark.
Dark red, the shades of autumn for your doors

One of the most popular trends in 2019 is also confirmed in 2020. Choosing dark red to paint your windows remains a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, red carries with it an obvious idea of ​​liveliness and strength. The dark shade, however, gives an elegant and measured look, and this leads to greater freedom of action.

The dark red interior doors can be used to give the final touch to a study, or to an area of ​​the house dedicated to leisure and personal well-being. In the workplace, this type of color can find space in professional offices dedicated, for example, to notary or jurisprudential activities.

The shades of autumn are always current and give a touch of mature and never intrusive refinement.

Burnt orange, for a home that combines style and color

For those who want a more original alternative to dark red, the latest trends for 2020 propose the use of burnt orange. Transforming interior doors by choosing this color is an innovative choice, which gives a touch of color while ensuring elegance and warmth.

Despite this, it is good to use burnt orange with some moderation, especially if the room where you want to install the frame already has similar colors. If, on the other hand, one intervenes in an environment dominated by soft colors, a door with this shade can immediately create an important focal point, catalyzing the attention towards a certain area of ​​the room.

It is therefore a powerful furnishing tool that must be managed carefully.
Renew the color of the doors with light pink

Make way for imagination and creativity: light pink doors are another possible alternative to follow to give your home a new enamel. The days when this shade was used only for little girls' bedrooms, or perhaps in shops dedicated to the little ones, are over.

Doors in light pink have a refreshing effect, are bright and can often replace more classic alternatives such as white or beige. The uses are the most varied: from the bedroom to the bathroom, this shade continues to be widely used and is well suited to various color combinations. Using light pink with brighter shades, for example, leads to a lively style, ideal for homes that want to express a sense of warmth and welcome.

Accompanied by other light colors, such as the white lacquered doors, the pink doors allow you to maintain stylistic harmony, while breaking the possible monotony.

Interior doors in charcoal color, for a more intense black

The interesting features of the black doors have already been highlighted in a previous article. Here, however, let's go back to talking about a particularly dark color, namely coal, which is an excellent option for those who want to repaint the interior doors of the house.

This is because the charcoal shade gives the fixtures a chic and sophisticated look, and can work ideally in combination with light and dark shades. In the first case, the combination of very different shades leads to the creation of focal points, and therefore to better management of space. The approach of coal to gray, on the other hand, can create a pleasant sense of continuity.

Porte Italiane offers the possibility to create customized fixtures of any color. Renovating the doors of the house, but also those of offices and accommodation facilities, becomes much easier and more convenient.

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