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Interior doors of the house: when, how and why to clean them

Interior doors of the house: when, how and why to clean them

Clean the interior doors of the house

Are you looking for ways to keep the charm of your home intact? A good idea is to give the interior doors a good clean.

Read our tips to find out how to keep the window frames clean.
Is it a good idea to clean interior doors?

The answer, in short, is yes. A security door, modern door or wooden door gets filled with dirt and grime as it is exposed to the elements over time. Although it seems obvious to clean the front door, as it is the most exposed, it is also good to pay attention to the doors that are shaded by trees, porches or awnings. In fact, every external window is particularly prone to the formation of mold if it does not receive a lot of sunlight during the day.

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When to clean interior doors?

As with most household chores, frequent cleaning and maintenance is the best way to prevent damage to your doors. In this sense, there is no marked difference between a security door, in wood or perhaps with satin glass. In any case, mold and mildew growth can be avoided by regularly cleaning excess water. It is not unreasonable to do a daily cleaning (if you have the time to do it). A general rule, however, is to clean the doors at least once a year.

A good time to clean exterior doors is in late spring, as well as any other time after a particularly wet or stormy season.
How to clean the doors of the house? The steps to follow

It is important to use the correct cleaning products for the various doors. Below we explore the case of solid wood doors, perhaps finished with a thin veneered layer of fir, pine or mahogany.

We at Italian doors also offer many guides on the maintenance and cleaning of house doors on our site.
In this guide you will find some very interesting steps to understand how to best clean your glass door!

Step 1: Remove dirt visible to the naked eye

The first step for most solid wood doors, perhaps with frosted glass, is to get rid of dirt and grime. Regardless of the type of door, this should be the first thing to do. A broom or rag can be used to remove stains and debris from the door.

For this first phase, some use a vacuum cleaner with the special spout accessory, useful for getting into corners and cracks.

Step 2: Prepare the washing liquid and start cleaning

The next step is to mix the cleaning solution and proceed to washing. After doing this, scrub with a sponge or cloth. Always work from top to bottom, in order to remove any possible halo or residue.

Step 3: Rinse

Phase 3 is to rinse everything off. After washing the doors thoroughly, rinse them to remove any residue of the cleaning solution that could attack the paint over time. If you want to avoid water stains, be sure to wipe off excess fluids.

Step 4: Clean any glass areas

The fourth step is the cleaning of the glass doors (obviously if present). If you haven't already, use mild soap and water on these sections of the door to remove stubborn dirt. If the glass is streaked after drying, use a normal household glass cleaner.
Step 5: Polish the handles

For the final step, polish the door handles with a brass or steel polish to make it even more shiny. Consult our selection of interior or exterior door handles to find a replacement for your knobs if they are no longer able to be cleaned properly.

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