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Internal Doors: the guide to the difference between models on the market

Internal Door

The main types of interior doors are hinged, sliding and folding doors. They are available in different sizes and materials. Among the many options, those in wood, PVC and fiberglass doors stand out.

Having said that, let's go into some of the differences between the internal door models available on the market. In this way, you can get a more precise idea of ​​the alternative that suits your needs.

Which interior door is best to choose for your home?

It can be difficult to purchase the right type of interior door. There are many options to choose from. You can opt for sliding glass doors, double-leaf doors and French doors. Each of these solutions has its advantages.

There are some precautions to be taken to choose the best type of interior door for your home. It is possible that you prefer a single door structure, which obviously offers a basic simplicity that is difficult to replicate. The perfect balance between privacy and functionality is found in the sliding glass doors. They let in a lot of light, but also allow you to effectively separate rooms. Double-leaf interior doors are highly regarded for their unique design: they have two separate panels, which allows for excellent light management. The flush-to-the-wall mirrored doors, on the other hand, hide the rooms, and allow you to better manage the spaces.

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The different types of internal door models on the market

You need to know the different types of interior doors. There are many factors that affect the type of door you will buy for your home. For example, how much space do you want to save? How many rooms does the house contain? What kind of style do you prefer?

The most popular type is wooden interior doors. There are many different styles and designs of interior doors of this type. You can choose between traditional, contemporary or rustic alternatives. If you are looking for something more modern then you should consider a PVC interior door, available in many different styles. Another option is the glass interior design. These doors are very decorative and offer a degree of elegance that is difficult to replicate.
Prices of interior doors for the house

The price of interior doors has been decreasing for a long time. The reason is to be found in the fact that more and more manufacturers are proposing new designs. Therefore, the offer is diversified, and the solutions available to you can only increase.

On the product page of each internal fixture for sale on Porte Italiane you can find a clear indication of the prices, as well as the factors that influence the final expense. Among others, we can mention:

Size of the panels
    Tax rate
    Presence of any accessories

Each of these parameters can affect the final price of an interior door, which is therefore the result of several factors. In any case, on our site it is possible to take advantage of personalized payment formulas suitable for every spending possibility. This way, buying the door of your dreams certainly becomes easier.

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Porte Italiane's offer of interior doors

Porte Italiane can boast a decade of experience in the sale of interior doors of all kinds. Browse our catalog to find the alternative that best suits your needs. In our offer of interior doors, for example, you will find:

    Swing doors
    Sliding doors
    Doors with glass compartment
    Swing doors
    Soundproof doors
    Interior doors

Also visit our door configurators, choose the model that suits you, partition walls, glass doors and much more, set your parameters and your measurements to immediately receive an updated quote directly on your email.

Furthermore, for any information, we are always available at 0941 912335 and 0941 901749.