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Invisible flush door: why choose them for your home?

Invisible flush door

Installing an invisible flush door is still a not so common practice. Perhaps because of their peculiar appearance. Maybe because we often don't understand how these fixtures work.

In any case, choosing a product of this type for your home guarantees numerous advantages. In this article we want to explain some of the reasons that should at least push you to evaluate the purchase of flush doors, capable of discreetly transforming the aesthetics of your home.

Porta filomuro invisibile dall'aspetto unico

An invisible flush door has a unique look

An invisible flush door is essentially a frame that integrates completely with the surrounding environment. It can have the same color as the walls, or even the same pattern.

Its being "invisible" does not derive only from the colors, however. In such a fixture, every detail is hidden. The frame disappears, the hinges are not visible. In some specific models, even the handles can have a reduced aesthetic impact. Silent seals placed on the sides also guarantee total silence.

In short, flush-to-wall fixtures of this type are ideal for giving a unique touch to your home. They can be used to hide a secret area of ​​the house, perhaps a reading room. Or they are ideal for hiding a bedroom from view. The occasions of use, therefore, are really many.
They do not compromise structural and stylistic integrity

Some specific types of doors necessarily create a focal point within the room. Think, for example, of a hinged door frame painted with Illuminating yellow, one of the Pantone 2021 colors. All this is absolutely not a bad thing, it is evident. When you want to preserve stylistic integrity, however, invisible flush doors are the almost obligatory choice.

The why is simple to understand. If installed correctly, they "disappear" inside the wall, so much so that an inattentive eye might not notice them at all. It is a unique feature, difficult to find in any other type of window.

Even the internal sliding doors, so discreet that they can also be installed in the bedroom, in some cases give way to a flush door perfectly integrated into the wall.

Therefore, if your goal is to install a door without affecting the structure of the wall and the stylistic integrity of the house in the slightest, now you know which model to choose.

installazione porta filomuro facile da portare al termine

Their installation is simple to carry out

Installing a flush door might seem like a rather complex undertaking, but it is not. As explained in our tutorial on Youtube, only a minimum of manual skills are needed to succeed in the enterprise.

The presence of a door compartment already finished and of the correct dimensions further speeds up the operation, which involves the correct positioning of the side clamps, the leveling of the structure, and the calibration of the hinge screws.

In a short time, and without complex interventions on the wall, it is possible to start using the door, which after installation will disappear into the masonry, offering its unique and inimitable aesthetic.
The price is scalable

When we say that the price of invisible flush doors is scalable, we mean that the overall cost is well suited to the needs of each consumer.

In particular, the parameters to be taken into consideration before the purchase are:

    Panel size;
    Type of assembly (on plasterboard or masonry);
    Tax rate;

Once you have reached the invisible doors page in our catalogue, you will be able to verify for yourself how simple it is to achieve the ideal compromise between price and technical characteristics.

The convenience increases even more if you consider that it is possible to pay in comfortable interest-free installments thanks to the Scalapay service. It's easy to create your own payment plan that includes monthly installments. Furthermore, in the event of a return, you will receive a refund of the installments already paid.

Porta filomuro offerte sul sito porte italiane

Choose your invisible flush door on Porte Italiane

As seen, there are several reasons for choosing an invisible flush door in the Fip catalogue. From aesthetic pleasure to ease of installation, through scalable prices and advantageous purchase formulas.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address [email protected]. Or take advantage of our Whatsapp support service, which allows you to quickly get in touch with our experts.