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Italian Doors Configurators: create your fixtures

Italian Doors Configurators: the system to create your windows
Italian Doors configurators

Creating doors tailored to your needs sometimes seems to be an impossible task. There are too many factors to consider: between high prices, unavailable materials, unlikely color combinations and difficulties in communicating with sellers, there is little to be happy about.

This is why the Italian Doors Configurators were born: software that is easy to use, intuitive and which finally enables customers to design their own customized furnishing solutions. In this summary article we will briefly explain how these powerful tools developed by Porte Italiane work, and we will provide links to all the configurators for glass doors, for soundproof doors and many others on our sites.

configura le tue porte

The Italian Doors Configurators of Porte Italiane

We have developed solutions regarding different types of fixtures, in order to meet the needs of the widest possible public. Below then, here are the links that allow you to access all our configurators:

    Configurator Plateau partition panels
    Sliding Glass Panels Configurator
    Glass Partition Wall Configurator
    Space Partition Walls Configurator
    Soundproof Door Configuration
    Modular Walls Configuration
    Far west door configurator

To know the details on their operation, we decided to dedicate some specials that shed light on the potential of these software. Here you will find our guides:

Altopiano Partition Wall Configurator: how to best use it
    Glass Sliding Wall Configurator: design your fixtures!
    Glass Partition Wall Configurator: the whole procedure
    Space Partition Walls Configurator: how to use it and what it is for
    Soundproof door configuration: Create your fixtures
    Modular Wall Configuration: the furniture that follows your needs
    Fan Door Configurator: customized furnishing solutions

Each article explores the characteristics of the configurators, with detailed explanations of their operation for each type of door. For a general overview, however, we will briefly illustrate how to use these tools also in this article.
How to use the Italian Door Configurators?

In general terms, the Italian Doors Configurators consist of two pages. In the first, the customer is asked to select the main features of his window. The options change according to the door or piece of furniture selected; in many cases, there are items common to all configurators. We are referring above all to colors and sizes, but also to the opening direction.

By selecting these different items, the system will automatically calculate the amount of the quote. In addition, it will be possible to view a preview image in real time, to understand the appearance of your creation. This will make it particularly easy to design partition walls, soundproof doors and swing doors that are truly close to your needs.

After completing this first phase, we move on to the analysis of the estimate.

porte divisorie per la casa

Real-time quotes for easy planning

The creation of the estimate in real time is perhaps one of the most useful features of the Italian Doors configurators. In fact, in a few moments, our advanced software is able to recreate descriptions that adapt perfectly to the options selected in the first screen. It only takes a few moments to get a detailed report on dimensions, colors and operating mechanisms, but also on shipping and transport costs.

If the result obtained does not fully satisfy, you can always go back and start again to view the various combinations of size, color, sense of openness and any other feature that allows you to customize the fixtures. It is an extremely simple and intuitive process, which guarantees the full satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.

After having viewed and accepted the quote, it will also be possible to attach any additional notes and documentation. Finally, you can proceed with the purchase.

Browse the catalog of Italian Doors

As seen, the Italian Doors Configurators represent powerful tools that allow you to realize your own furnishing visions. For any doubts about their use, we are always available to assist you at 0941 901172 and 0941 9123235.