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Making the house safer thanks to external doors: how to do it?

Making the house safer thanks to external doors: how to do it?

We all like to make sure our homes are as safe as possible. The entrance doors are the first focal point of your home, so they must offer maximum protection. So let's see how to protect the home environment by choosing the right external door.
What type of door to choose?

The first phase of purchasing a new door is the one that concerns the choice of style and materials. Wood doors, for example, are the most popular choice, but there are also alternatives like steel, fiberglass and more.

Among the most common choices, then, there are certainly doors with aluminum frame. These can be very simple in style, almost minimalist, but in the higher quality models they have the same safety features as wooden doors.

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The type of frame

The frame is one of the aspects that most indicates the safety of your door. There are different approaches in this area, with each type of frame that can count on internal structures that are now more flexible and lighter, now more powerful and difficult to scratch.

It is not certain that a solution of the first type is to be discarded a priori. The choice, as usual, must be guided exclusively by one's own needs.
The presence of glass inserts

Some people believe that having an exterior door with glass inserts is a security risk. In many cases, however, these specific fixtures can offer advantages. The biggest selling point is that you can see who is behind the door before opening it. The guest who is ringing the doorbell can be identified easily, therefore.

There are a number of style alternatives that you can choose from if you decide to opt for a door with glass inserts. The transparent alternatives are accompanied by all the various solutions with sandblasted panels or the result of other processes.
Locks and cylinders

Most people buy the cheapest cylinder possible when replacing or looking for a new lock. The belief is that any type of cylinder can be used to protect one's home effectively. Yet this is not the case. Did you know that a burglar can only take 20 seconds to enter your home with a standard cylinder?

In cases of not particularly advanced cylinders, the bad guys don't even need sophisticated tools or specialist knowledge. The use of a pair of domestic pliers and a little brute force is enough to allow anyone to access your apartment in a relatively short time. Therefore, it is good to choose your locks wisely: in our special on digital and cylinder locks we explain the strengths of these products better.

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How to choose the handles?

Choosing door handles can contribute to the safety of your home, even if you don't realize it. There are many different designs of door handles, some of which have been manufactured to combat potential security breaches.

It can take a thief only a few seconds to break a standard handle, making it easy to access the key cylinder. The contoured edge design of high-security door handles, on the other hand, makes it more difficult for a thug to attack the handle plate with their pliers. The extra safety features around the cylinder area also prevent easy access.
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