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Modular walls: the furniture that follows your needs

Modular Wall Configuration: the furniture that follows your needs
Modular Walls Configuration

Modular walls represent a highly versatile furnishing solution. Their ability to adapt to spaces make them ideal for use in contexts that are also very different from each other, such as commercial premises and hospitality ones.

For this reason, Porte Italiane has decided to create a new and powerful tool that will allow you to design modular solutions in an easy, fast and above all autonomous way. So let's find out how to use the Modular Walls Configurator.

pareti modulari bagni pubblici

How does the modular partition wall configurator work?

First, you need to reach the modular wall configurator page of Porte Italiane. Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of a screen with different options. Let's analyze them in detail:

    Color: the choice is particularly wide. In fact, it is possible to prefer white, beige, yellow, green and blue
    Number of Kubi: the Kubi correspond to the special modules that make up the entire structure of the wall
    Height and depth of the single Kubo: by adjusting the values ​​- expressed in centimeters - it is possible to create the solution that suits your needs

The modification of each single item updates the estimate. In this way it is possible to realize in real time the amount required for the purchase of your modular wall. At the same time, the image that illustrates the appearance of the wall will change: by doing so, it will be easy to get an idea of ​​the type of furniture you are about to purchase.

If you are satisfied with the chosen solution, you can click on the "Next step" button to continue with the purchase.
The estimate of the modular wall configurator

The power of the Modular Walls Configurator of Italian Doors is expressed in its most complete form when the system creates the quote for the chosen solution. In fact, in a few moments, you will have an in-depth summary of all the characteristics of the wall designed in the previous step. In addition to the technical characteristics, therefore, it will be possible to deepen essential aspects such as:

    Transportation fee
    Processing times
    Total cost including VAT, transport and insurance

The most original feature of our system, however, is that linked to the description of the product created. The configurator, in fact, is able to propose a text that illustrates in detail the potential of the modular wall designed. To give an example, we report the text relating to a modular wall with three white cubes. The words you will read are entirely the result of our advanced configuration system:

N ° 3 KUBI white separating wall in 10 / 12mm stratified laminate antimicrobial resistant to shocks. ideal for humid environments or for places where floor cleaning is done with a lot of washing water and water.

It is perfectly suited to use in public facilities, school environments, offices, hospitals, swimming pools, public bathrooms, supermarkets etc. They are made in such a way as to guarantee the highest level of safety and cleanliness.

KUBI modular walls in high thickness laminate are held rigid by a structure in anodized aluminum and stainless steel. In this way, a perfectly coplanar product is obtained without added projections or profiles.

Therefore, they do not undergo deformation by humidity, they resist the chemical agents used in work environments, they are completely sanitizable and sanitized.

Technical details for Kubo

N ° 2 self-lubricating hinges in stainless steel

Opening system with stainless steel lock with free / busy indicator lock, equipped with safety door lock and emergency opening from the outside

The junction clamps for fixing the partition wall are made of stainless steel.

Floor fixing by means of lifting feet entirely in brushed stainless steel, diameter 35 mm with 12 mm adjustment screw, height 150 mm, adjustable +/- 30 mm to compensate for any unevenness

As you can see, all the possible characteristics concerning the product you are about to buy are covered. From the occasions of use to the technical details, no detail is left to chance.

If you are satisfied with the quote, simply click on "Send request" to complete the purchase process.

pareti modulari kubi

Porte Italiane's large range of furniture and home automation

Modular walls are an ideal solution for hospitality, commercial and administrative environments. Furthermore, in these contexts, the need to have high quality home automation systems appears increasingly pressing. Porte Italian is pleased to offer both types of solutions. On the one hand, in fact, it is easy to design your own modular wall with the configurator we have described in this article. On the other hand, the hotel automation offer includes solutions suitable for all needs.

For more information, please contact us at 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.