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New trends for the choice of external doors at home: some examples

New trends for the choice of external doors at home: some examples

The need to rethink door design and house layout has been demonstrated by post-pandemic life. A home is no longer just a place to live, but also an office, a school, a gym and more.

Today doors help define "small ecosystems" in which family members have to study, work and rest at the same time without disturbing each other. So how do preferences in terms of fixtures change? Here are the trends that are the most popular in 2022.
The Co / Habitat houses

Homeowners are rethinking where and how to live following the pandemic and climatic uncertainties. Simplified aspects of country life have been incorporated into the homes of many people who have moved to rural areas. The approach to architectural design influenced by this trend provides for numerous solutions. First of all, the desire to get in touch with nature suggests a relaxed and rural-inspired aesthetic. This approach presents elements capable of blending internal and external. Like entrance doors with glass, to always get maximum natural light.

Although Co / Habitat homes are rurally inspired, their interiors are not overly rustic or log cabin-like. These are modern and chic design schemes. Clean lines and doors with a simple design, but at the same time warm and elegant, are some of the influences of the peasant houses that have been borrowed.

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Digital noise shelters

Since the mid-00s, the design has changed to serve as a visual antidote to the growing "digital noise". A gable roof with wood grain or a neutral color such as warm white can be used to counter the fast pace of the outside world. The general appearance of the internal fixtures thus becomes more sober. Secondary details are inserted such as articulated designs, or a neutral tint that gives a feeling of peace.

Conversely, exterior doors can be used to counterbalance austerity by using materials such as wood or fiberglass. The styles of modern houses, however, can be complemented by various minimalist design interventions. From wall decorations to interior doors with raised lines or a single glass panel, the choices are numerous and allow you to achieve the desired effect.
A new elegance

Dressing the house as a new elegant environment was a requirement also present during the pandemic. With the end of the lockdown and the adaptation to a new normal, a return to traditionalism has emerged with a fresh twist in fashion, furniture and, of course, architecture.

As part of this furnishing trend, traditional styles have been combined with elements of bold and balanced elegance. The majority of the interventions, at this juncture, are dedicated to colors. Black details emerge in a spectrum of white or mostly white colors. The glass entrance doors contrast the stone or brick facades, while the clear lines of the fixtures counterbalance the arched shapes. All this results in a mix of rounded and arched shapes and dark, saturated colors. The overall impact is accentuated by the decorated panels of the interior doors and French windows, which thus help to lighten the overall impact.

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