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Plateau Partition Walls Configurator: how to best use it

Plateau Partition Walls Configurator: how to best use it

Partition walls play an increasingly important role in modern homes. These furnishing details are able to intuitively manage the rooms, allowing you to make the most of all the rooms that make up your home. A system of sliding panels that can be positioned from floor to ceiling or hooked to a beam that acts as a support.

These sliding interior dividing panels are the first and sophisticated sliding system in the light, ie without the need to use a containment "space". The design of these special fixtures can often prove to be full of pitfalls, especially since you do not have immediate feedback on your ideas. It's easy to say: “I want cheap two-leaf flush-to-the-wall partition walls”. Putting this vision into practice, however, could be more complex, especially if you rely on poorly prepared companies. Thanks to the plateau partition wall configurator of Porte Italiane, you will no longer have to have these fears. In a few minutes, our powerful software will be able to immediately and completely realize your personal vision, for an always satisfying result.

So let's find out how this new tool made available to all customers of our company works.


How does the High Floor Partition Wall Configurator work?

The High Floor Partition Wall Configurator of Italian Doors allows you to design a window frame that is completely close to your needs in a few moments. The first thing to do, once the page is loaded, is to select some simple parameters:

    Number of leaves and opening direction
    Doors width
    Door length

Each change of the described options corresponds to an update of the two images on the page. The first shows a real-time preview of the partition wall, the second offers a bird's-eye view of the project.

The price of the quote also changes, which is updated as you select the different options available. After you are done, it is time to click on the “Next Step” button to continue.
The Estimate of the High Floor Partition Wall Configurator

In a few moments, our system is able to provide an accurate estimate of the partition wall designed on the previous page. You will then have the opportunity to read a quick summary including essential data such as:

    Transportation fee
    Doors and sense of openness
    Door width and length
    Product description
    Processing times
    Total including VAT, transport and insurance

Before submitting your request, you will need to enter your personal details. These include name, city, telephone and email address. After doing this, just click on "Send request" to continue. Otherwise, by clicking on "Go Back" you will be back in the door design screen.
The description of the works in the estimate of the Configurator

The quote that can be obtained thanks to our configurator is particularly complete and full of all the information that can be used to better evaluate your purchase. In particular, the description of the partition walls includes details regarding the number of doors and their sense of opening, as well as the color and materials used.

In the specific case of interior partition panels, we use honeycomb panels in hard wood and facades in polished MDF. The support for the guide is built into the ceiling, or with an under-beam equipped with a visible veil. The handle has a full-height recess, covered in anodized metal. These technical solutions allow to obtain an extremely resistant product, pleasant to look at and that requires little maintenance.


The great range of doors and furnishings of Porte Italiane

Porte Italiane is pleased to always offer new tools that allow you to create exactly the furniture and fixtures you are looking for. Thanks to our configurators, such as the configurator of glass partitions, in fact, it is easy to realize your vision and enjoy extremely favorable commercial conditions, discover this and other fantastic software for your home on www.porteitaliane.com. For any other need or to discover our sliding doors, glass doors or armored doors, in any case, we are always available at 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.