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REI 120 doors: 3 reasons to buy fire doors

REI 120 doors are able to fight flames and noxious fumes. All without sacrificing aesthetic pleasure. These fixtures guarantee the safety of hotels and offices, and in general of places where it is necessary to be able to count on environments capable of coping with all possible emergencies.

Windows of this type, therefore, are well suited to be used where a high influx of people is expected, such as accommodation facilities, hotels or theaters. The strengths of the doors in question, the regulatory references and the types available on the market are presented below. Furthermore, three reasons that should push to buy these fixtures are indicated, as well as some considerations on their price.

Come sono fatte le porte REI 120? Perché sono così sicure?

Porte antincendio: cosa dice la normativa?

Come funzionano le porte tagliafuoco?

Quali sono le tipologie di porte REI 120?

Tre motivi per acquistare le porte REI 120

Motivo n.1: le porte tagliafuoco aumentano la sicurezza

Motivo n. 2: le porte antincendio sono durevoli e affidabili

Motivo n. 3: le porte REI 120 sono veri elementi d’arredo

Quanto costano le porte REI prezzi?

How are REI 120 doors made? Why are they so safe?

REI 120 fire doors have the typical elements of a traditional door: leaf, frame, hinges and lock. To these are added peculiar components such as the panic bar, necessary for opening and closing. Functionality is one of the typical characteristics of doors of this type. Their movement mechanism, for example, provides for automatic closing. This prevents the spread of fire in the event of dangerous situations.

The door is made of galvanized steel sheet with internal reinforcements. All this is synonymous with resistance to the most extreme conditions. The REI 120 code, in fact, identifies in 120 minutes the period of exposure to flames that the door can withstand before reporting structural damage.

The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with thermo-expanding gaskets. The latter prevent smoke and flames from spreading through the ends of the door. The lock is reversible, with latch and central bolt, while the panic handle is in anodized aluminum. The use of these materials allows optimal use even in dangerous conditions.

Fire doors: what does the legislation say?

The use and trade of all types of fire doors are regulated by the Ministerial Decree of 16/02/2007, which in turn incorporates the European standards EN 13501-2 and EN 1634-1. These are the salient points of the discipline:

· Fire doors must be homologated before they can be used in hospitals, hotels and other facilities

In the case of installation in hotels, the legislation for REI doors requires the inclusion of self-closing devices for both the rooms and the common areas

· The doors and windows must have specific characteristics of strength, tightness and insulation. The other parameters of primary importance are resistance to radiation and impact, as well as the correct functioning of the self-closing mechanism in the event of a fire

All the components of the windows and doors must have the appropriate certification label, affixed after the proper execution of the fire and inspection tests. It is also important to consider management over time. To always keep your fire door in perfect shape, the side hinges must be lubricated, thus ensuring perfect functioning on any occasion.

How do fire doors work?

In principle, REI doors are designed to withstand heat. The name "fireproof" derives from their shielding function. When a fire spreads, these fixtures manage to "cut" the fire line, preventing the circulation of oxygen, which is the "fuel" that gives way to further fueling the flames.

This result can be achieved through the use of various materials. Among the most common, the following should be noted:

· Wood

· Glass

· Gypsum

· Steel


The role of the panic exit device is of fundamental importance. The REI 120 doors offered by Porte Italiane have a mechanism consisting of a horizontal bar in anodized aluminum. This is engaged in the lever arms, which are in turn fixed to the control mechanisms linked to the lock activation. In this way it is possible to open the door in a simple and above all fast way. This last detail is of fundamental importance: during fires, it is necessary to be able to count on windows that are easy to open, so that you can quickly escape the fire.
What are the types of REI 120 doors?

There are different types of fire doors available on the market. The functionality and the basic structure remain unchanged: what changes is the number of doors and their operating mechanism. Among others, then, these are the most popular categories:

· Swing fire doors: This is the most common fire door category. The mechanism sees the presence of handles that allow you to open the door, in a very similar way to what happens for internal glass or wooden doors. Porte Italiane offers versions with one or two doors, ideal for finding space in all types of environments, from schools to company canteens, from hotels to theaters.

· Sliding fire doors: this type is mainly used in large industrial environments. Similar to the swing doors, the frame is made of steel and metal alloys, while the secondary elements are made of fireproof material. The mechanism is very similar to that of interior sliding doors: the door, instead of occupying the space at the front or rear of the wall, slides on it, for a considerable saving of space.

Three reasons to buy REI 120 doors

After briefly illustrating the technical characteristics and legislation relating to fire doors, here are three reasons that should prompt you to consider purchasing this type of fixtures. In addition to fire protection, in fact, there is more.
Reason # 1: Fire doors increase safety

By installing a REI 120 door, the security of offices, hotels and shops increases significantly. Without considering that, by now, the installation of such solutions is mandatory for activities with a high influx of public. Although not all cases provide for the obligation to install REI 120 doors, it is also fair to say that by choosing such a solution it is possible to increase the fire resistance of the environments.

The absence of fire doors, in addition to being against the law, places people and buildings in a potentially dangerous situation. The installation of this type of door or window prevents not only the dangers associated with the spread of flames, but also those relating to the spread of harmful fumes, not necessarily produced by incendiary phenomena.

Reason # 2: Fire doors are durable and reliable

Toxic fumes are the most pressing danger in a fire. Prolonged inhalation can quickly lead to death by suffocation or intoxication.

For rescues, whatever the emergency, having more time available to reach the rooms affected by a fire can make the difference between a successful intervention and a more complex one. REI 120 doors perform precisely this task, thanks to the resistance to exposure that can be quantified in about two hours.

Durability and reliability, therefore, are two main elements of fire doors or hotel doors. The use of stainless steel and other heat-resistant materials allows for a predictable reaction to fires, which are often fundamental.
Reason No. 3: REI 120 doors are real furnishing elements

Having illustrated in detail the most important technical characteristics of fire doors could suggest that their aesthetic appearance is a secondary detail. Not so: Porte Italiane's REI 120 doors are also available in a coated version, designed to have the appearance of a typical interior door, with all the advantages of the case.

Furthermore, the typical automatic closing mechanism of fire doors eliminates the possible problems of encumbrance of swing doors; a strength that these solutions have in common with flush-to-wall doors and counters.

How much do REI 120 doors cost, Rei 120 doors prices?

The installation costs of REI 120 doors are quite flexible, and vary according to certain factors. These are the parameters to take into consideration:

The cost of the rei price doors also depends on the type of fire resistance, whether REI 60 REi 90 or REI 120

The size of the doors: larger panels correspond to a higher cost, rei price doors.

The type of handle: fire doors can have standard handles or the so-called panic bar. In this second case, the final price increases

· Assembly: installation on plasterboard walls involves a higher cost than installation on traditional masonry walls, due to the greater delicacy required by the operation.

As seen, the price of fire doors is flexible, and linked to your specific needs. To get to know the offer of REI doors ready for delivery or even the REI 60 doors ready for delivery by Porte Italiane, do not hesitate to contact us now. We will be able to offer you your made-to-measure fire door thanks to comprehensive information and quick quotes, and we also have rei Ninz doors ready for delivery!