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Procedures and advice on how to paint interior doors or repair them

How to paint interior doors: procedures and tips

Painting interior doors is one of those activities that can be considered in two ways: a nuisance or an opportunity. There is no doubt that, sometimes, having to give an old door a coat of paint is not exactly the most tempting of prospects. It is also true, however, that giving a new touch of color can help renovate your home, and make it closer to your tastes.

So let's see what are the steps required to paint the wooden doors of your home, and what tools it is essential to have with you during this operation.

verniciare le porte interne

What you need to paint interior doors

Painting the doors without disassembling them is anything but impossible. It is good, however, to have the right tools available, so as not to dirty or, in the worst cases, irreversibly jeopardize the aesthetics of the door.

Wanting to create a list of the necessary elements, it is right to mention:

    Brush (possibly thin)
    Newspapers and adhesive tape

Once you have gathered everything you need, then, you can get started.
The preliminary stages: treat the interior doors and make them stable

Before starting to put your hand to colors and brushes, it is necessary to carry out some preliminary operations of absolute importance. The door on which you have to go to work, in fact, must be structurally stable, clean and dry.

To do this, it is sufficient to clean the doors

It is important to underline that, if there are holes or other inaccuracies, it would be advisable to cover everything with putty, in order to even out the surface. On the other hand, what's the point of giving a new coat of color to the door, if the door is full of holes?

porte interni come verniciarle

Secondly, it is necessary to prepare the working area. This is equivalent to following all possible precautions to ensure that the house does not get too dirty. Then, it is possible to cover the walls immediately close to the frame with adhesive tape, so as not to go beyond the edges (especially if you intend to paint the frame as well). The floor, on the other hand, should be protected with newspaper sheets or in any case appropriate covers.
The application of the primer on interior doors

After having prepared everything well, it is possible to apply a first coat of universal primer. The primer is a so-called adhesion primer, which helps to better hold the paint. After the first pass, you need to wait at least 24 hours before you can start painting. Without this precaution, the paint may not take root well, for somewhat disappointing results.
The actual painting

The time has come for the actual painting. The advice is to act with the roller for the central areas, or in any case the simpler ones, and to carry out the finishing touches with a brush, even better if it is small. The finishes could concern the corners and side areas.

After the first coat, it is advisable to wait a couple of hours and proceed with a second painting. In this phase, a so-called booster could also be used, that is an additive that waterproofs the color, increases adhesion and resistance to the action of time.

Generally speaking, the booster should be present in an amount equal to 15% of the volume of the paint.

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The wait and the final touches

After waiting another two hours, it is possible to say that the painting process of the doors of the house is finished. In case of any imperfections or defects, it is possible to intervene again on the affected area, taking care, however, to wait the time necessary to obtain a painting of adequate quality.

And if everything went well, you can proceed with the customizations.
Painting the interior doors of the house: the customizations

Once you have started painting and doors, why stop only at the color of the doors? Painting can be a good time to renovate and customize other details. Among them, for example, are the handles, which can be replaced with a modest expense.

In the Italian Doors catalog, for example, all types of handles are available. From the alternatives in bronzed aluminum to those in brass, passing through solutions in chrome. Then there is SecuSan, the special antimicrobial handle that eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses.

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