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QR reader: what is it? How can I use QR codes in the hotel?

QR reader: what is it? How are QR codes used

A quick reference (QR) code, also known as a quick response code, is a type of digital image that can be scanned using a smartphone application or device called a QR reader.

The original purpose of these images was to help users access websites and information on their phones. The technology behind these codes has evolved to make them work as coupons and, in the case of hotels and B & Bs, real access keys. QR codes are found in different contexts, from advertising flyers to posters, from billboards to magazine covers. They are often found in product lists, in shops and even in restaurant menus.

So let's find out how a QR code works, and why it is important to have a special QR code reader.

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How does a QR reader work?

A QR code reader is a device that can read codes and convert them into information. In this way it is possible to carry out operations of all kinds in a very simple way. Marketing, advertising, access control and many other activities can be accomplished with the use of a QR code.

The first thing to do when using a QR code reader is to download an application to your device. It is necessary to photograph the code with the camera. This way you will get the information on the product of interest. Importantly, not all readers work the same way. In general, however, it is sufficient to point the camera directly at the object you are looking at. Some readers allow you to hold the phone close to the object to be scanned, others need to be placed further away.

A QR code for hotels, on the other hand, is a device placed outside the room that allows you to scan the codes on the access keys. To find out how they work, please visit our page dedicated to badge readers for door opening.
Why should hotels and bed & breakfasts use a QR reader?

Quick response codes are also called QR codes. They are two-dimensional images readable by a mobile device. They are found in airports, museums, concert halls, and other places where people may want to share information with each other.

They are also used by hotels and bed and breakfasts to market their services online. When a customer uses an app to learn more about the hotel, they are taken directly to the website. This makes it easy to book rooms, ask questions and find directions. Inside the structure, on the other hand, codes are often used to allow or deny entry into the rooms, thanks to special readers placed outside the rooms.

How many types of QR codes are there?

There are several types of quick response codes. They can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or even four-dimensional. There are also several ways to use the codes. They can be used as a link between websites or as a means of sharing content online.

The number of existing codes is growing day by day. The two-dimensional version is still the most popular. If you want to use them by yourself, you need to download a QR code app on your smartphone. This will allow you to read the code and access its data. In hotels, however, the codes are used to enter the rooms, so you can start your stay.

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Porte Italiane's offer of QR code readers and home automation solutions

The use of QR readers inside accommodation facilities, as seen, can take different forms. To find out about all the opportunities that technology offers to hotels, feel free to contact the experts of Porte Italiane. Different types of doors are also available, such as swing doors, sliding doors and glass doors. We are always available at 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.