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Raso Muro door with external mirror, elegance with a discreet charm

Completing domestic environments with elements capable of providing both usefulness and a refined aesthetic is not easy. The door flush with the wall, however, is one of those ideal options if you want to give your home an elegant and minimalist look. All without giving up the convenience of a door that leads into a room of the house that you want to keep safe from prying eyes.

The flush-with-the-wall doors are therefore the ideal alternative for those who don't want to give up the classic charm of glass doors combined with the practicality of hinged and flush-with-the-wall doors (https://www.porteitaliane.com/19-porte-rasomuro ).

The technical characteristics of flush-to-the-wall doors

In most cases, the door is flush with the mirror and has an aluminum structure with a modern design. The door panel has a honeycomb structure, with a thickness of about 50 mm, and is accompanied by a perimeter frame in solid wood. The necessary soundproofing action is obtained thanks to a layer of high density polystyrene.

The frame is made of passivated extruded aluminum. This particular material is then associated with the kevlar plaster holder net. This architecture allows the flush-to-the-wall door to avoid the onset of cracks between the wall and frame, even after years of use.

Aesthetic and practical: flush-to-the-wall doors with invisible lock

The flush-with-the-wall door amazes with its elegance and flexibility. It is a piece of furniture that can be essential when there is little space available. A door of this type allows a more reasoned distribution of the rooms. When the house has a study, or a games room that you want to hide from view, the door flush with the wall is a privileged option.

The characteristic appearance of the flush door with external mirror is also given by the invisible lock. This element, in fact, is totally disappearing, thus being hidden from view. The standard lock is of the magnetic type with key hole. On request, in any case, it is possible to install roller, anti-panic, electric or mechanical strike models.

It is interesting to note that one of the typical elements of flush-to-the-wall doors is the recessed aluminum frame. This element has multiple finishes, and gives the door itself a certain refinement, because it clearly delimits the edges.

The assembly of the doors flush with the wall

Mounting the door flush with the wall is simple. The installation, in the presence of a room already finished and of the correct size, does not present specific difficulties. The installation, therefore, can be carried out by the specialized technicians of Porte Italiane, but also by the customer.

It is important to underline that the flush-to-the-wall mirrored doors can be installed on both plasterboard and plasterboard walls. The application, in the same way, can take place on existing floors, as well as to be built. This allows you to install this type of element even during the renovation works.

Before proceeding with the purchase, and the subsequent installation, it is important to determine the opening direction of the door flush with the wall. In fact, models with push and pull opening are available, both to the right and to the left. It is therefore necessary to have in mind where in the house the door will be called to operate, in order to make the most of the limited space available.

In any case, after installation, the flush-to-the-wall mirror door can be used immediately, with a considerable saving of time and effort.

The price of the flush-to-wall doors with mirror

The final cost of a mirrored flush-to-the-wall door is determined by different parameters. The presence of magnetic locks and handles, for example, can affect. Mounting on masonry or plasterboard walls, likewise, can affect the final price. The most important parameter, however, is certainly the size of the door panel.

In any case, the price on the market is within the reach of many. This furnishing solution therefore combines convenience, aesthetics and functionality, for a unique result.

Porte Italiane designs and sells flush-to-wall mirrored doors, home automation solutions for hotels and furnishing accessories throughout Italy.