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REI doors: what they are and how they guarantee hotel safety

How to choose the handles?

Choosing door handles can contribute to the safety of your home, even if you don't realize it. There are many different designs of door handles, some of which have been manufactured to combat potential security breaches.

It can take a thief only a few seconds to break a standard handle, making it easy to access the key cylinder. The contoured edge design of high-security door handles, on the other hand, makes it more difficult for a thug to attack the handle plate with their pliers. The extra safety features around the cylinder area also prevent easy access.
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What does the abbreviation REI mean

The meaning of the acronym REI contains all the features that make fire doors an essential element of modern hotels. Following the original French wording, then, these are the main properties of the doors:

    R = Resistance, or resistance
    E = Entretenir, or airtightness
    I = Isolement, or isolation

Going into detail, these three properties can be declined as follows:

    A: mechanical strength after exposure to fire for a specified period of time
    E: ability to prevent the passage and production of fire or smoke from the side opposite to that where the fire develops
    I: reduction of heat transmission from one side of the door to the other, so that the surface not exposed to fire has a temperature below 150 °

The doors proposed by Porte Italiane are of the REI 30, REI 45 and REI 60 type. The numbers in the name refer to mechanical resistance, and in particular to exposure to fire in terms of minutes that the door can withstand. In the case of a REI 30 or REI 60 door, the resistance is equal to 30 or 60 minutes, and so on. Each door is certified according to the Italian UNI9723 standard; in the case of REI 30 and REI 60 doors, moreover, the EI certificates are valid in compliance with the European standard UNI EN 1634-1.

At the same time, REI doors also have effective certified acoustic insulation profiles, ranging from 27 to 55 decibels.

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The technical characteristics of fire doors

From a practical point of view, REI hotel doors have a core made of fire-resistant and soundproofing material, accompanied by an external laminate or wood coating. On the frame there are the etumescent gaskets, which swell in contact with the heat and are able to block hot or cold fumes. These elements, produced in silicone rubber, do not burn and do not produce harmful fumes, which is why they are also suitable for use in situations of intense fire, up to 250 °. Furthermore, in the lower part of the door, there is the draft excluder, a sort of mobile threshold that is lowered when the door is closed. All this allows you to further block potentially harmful noises and fumes.

The REI hotel door, however, also has other fire resistant elements. The hinges, in fact, guarantee correct use even in situations of intense smoke, while the panic bars allow easy opening of the door by pushing. The automatic door closers also quickly close the door leaves, in order to limit the passage of heat, flames and fumes to a minimum.

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How REI hotel doors protect against fire

The fire doors, as seen, divide the rooms and ensure the thermal and acoustic insulation of the rooms. By preventing the spread of fire, the propagation of heat is also prevented, allowing you to remain in the room until the time necessary for the fire to go out. At the same time, REI hotel doors guarantee passage during a fire: in this sense, the resistance of components such as hinges and handles is essential, because it allows the door to be opened in the intended direction and to reach a safe point.

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Finally, REI doors must be positioned consistently: their sense of opening must follow an ad hoc direction of escape, so that the guest can easily reach safer environments.

All hotel doors in the Porte Italiane catalog are fireproof and guaranteed by the most recent Italian and European certifications. Browse our catalog to find out more!