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Sliding door: 5 reasons to install it in the bedroom

Sliding door: 5 reasons to install it

We have already talked about sliding doors several times in this blog. In our opinion they represent an ideal combination of functionality, elegance and space management. The variety of models, then, is high. From alternatives with transparent rails to options with a glass facade, passing through structures with doors that disappear into the masonry.

Just this variety allows you to install them in virtually any area of ​​the house. In this specific article, however, we will focus on the reasons that could lead to installing sliding windows in the bedroom. A combination perhaps not entirely immediate, which however hides several positive sides.

Let's find out what they are.

porta scorrevole per le camere da letto

The sliding doors in the bedroom are original

Needless to go around it: the originality of a sliding door is evident. If the swing doors always manage to conquer with their classic appearance, the sliding frames have an elusive and refined charm.

In short, ideal characteristics for a bedroom, which is generally the room in the house where a more sophisticated style is preferred. The originality, then, is supported by an evident ease of use. Furthermore, the fact that fixtures of this type are generally quieter should not be underestimated. A point in favor that will become quite evident when you have to get up during the night without disturbing the sleeper.

They add a touch of colour

It doesn't matter the color or model chosen: the sliding doors in the bedroom are able to offer an extra touch of liveliness. Let's think of the most extreme case, that of external wall doors with colored and decorated leaves. It is clear that choosing such a fixture allows you to create a focal point both inside and outside the bedroom.

An objective that can also be achieved with other types of doors, which however in the case of sliding doors and windows manages to offer that exclusive elegance of this type of model.
They can help save space

The bedroom should be as spacious as possible. Sleeping in a small room can bring an unpleasant sense of oppression and anxiety, especially if a dark color has been chosen for the walls.

However, if you still find yourself in a small room, it would be advisable to look for suitable solutions to obtain a little more space. Not only to sleep better, but also to be able to count on more space in which to install furniture and furnishings.

Sliding doors are suitable for the purpose: the internal alternatives take up virtually no space, while in the case of choices with an external track, it will be enough to reserve only space to the side of the door.

Internal sliding door to separate bedroom from bathroom

Porta scorrevole interna per separare camera dal bagno

They help separate the bedroom from the bathroom

If the bedroom communicates directly with a bathroom, installing a sliding window becomes a decidedly interesting option.

The reasons are numerous. First of all, as written in the previous paragraph, they help to save space, an essential element in the case of small rooms. Secondly, they are relatively quiet and therefore do not disturb your rest. Lastly, if you choose a flush-to-the-wall alternative, you also have the advantage of not interrupting the overall stylistic harmony, in fact "hiding" the door in the masonry.

Not to mention that, by choosing the alternatives with a mirror door, you can also obtain a pleasant furnishing solution to be used every day. An idea that also applies to delimiting the walk-in closets.
They guarantee the right privacy

This is probably the most interesting point. One would be led to believe that sliding doors are unable to guarantee the right amount of privacy, especially in such a delicate environment as bedrooms.

Nothing could be more wrong: even by choosing sliding doors with glass doors, it is possible to guarantee some protection from external gazes, provided you choose models with frosted glass doors, even better if with decorations.

At the same time, it is possible to choose models with personalized printing: alternatives which, in addition to protecting from prying eyes, give a touch of color and personality to the whole house.

Sliding doors offered

Porte scorrevoli offerte

The range of sliding doors by Porte Italiane

For us at Fip, sliding doors are one of our passions: in fact, in the Porte Italiane catalogue, you will find numerous models suitable for all needs. From retractable wooden alternatives to refined glass models, we are able to guarantee solutions for homes, professional structures and accommodation.

For information and quotes, please contact us by writing to the email address i[email protected] or by calling 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.