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Sliding Glass Doors Configurator: design your windows

Sliding glass doors configurator

Sliding glass doors are able to bring elegance to any type of environment. To the innate sense of lightness and refinement of glass, in fact, they add all the dynamism of the sliding mechanism. Being able to identify the alternative that is right for you, however, may not always be so simple. For this reason, Porte Italiane has chosen to make available to its loyal customers a new powerful tool that will allow them to realize their vision quickly.

Let's find out all the steps that allow you to make the most of the sliding glass door configurator, and what are its main advantages.

porte scorrevoli in vetro configura la tua porta

Operation of the Glass Sliding Door Configurator

First of all, you need to reach the website of the Sliding Glass Doors Configurator of Italian Doors. Once the page has loaded, all you have to do is select the various options that appear on the screen:

    Type of glass (striped bronze, satin glass, satin bronze, transparent bronze, pleated or transparent)
    Number of doors (up to four, with two fixed and two sliding)
    Type (niche or sliding wall mounting)
    Compartment width and height

With each change of the options described above, the final estimate is updated, which also takes into account any reduced VAT rate. The images on the page will also be updated, which will illustrate exactly the type of frame that is being created. When you are satisfied with your result, simply click on the “Next Step” button.
How does the estimate for the glass sliding door configurator work?

After entering all the required details, our system will process the quote. A summary will open on the appropriate page, including all the essential information about your order, including:

    Processing times
    Product description
    Transportation fee
    Door width and length
    Total including VAT, transport and insurance

By clicking on "Send Request" it will be possible to proceed with the purchase. First, however, it will be necessary to enter your personal data, namely:


After this step, you can proceed with the order. By clicking on "Go back", however, you will be able to review and modify all the details of your product.

The estimate of the works of the Sliding Door Configurator

Before moving on to the final part of the operation of the sliding glass door configurator, it is good to focus on the content of the estimate that can be obtained thanks to our tool. In particular, we refer to the description that can be read on this page. As an example, we report one below:

“VELA, the interpretation of the sliding door in the name of minimalism. Door always made to measure, with an aluminum structural profile of minimum thickness that maximizes the exclusive aesthetic qualities of the glass.

Sliding door 4 doors 2 fixed and 2 sliding on a track with valance, profiles in brown aluminum and safety glass. Movements of the leaves amortized both in closing and opening. "

The text just read is created automatically by our system, in order to speed up order and shipping times and facilitate the entire purchase process. After reading the description, checking the various technical parameters and ascertaining the price including VAT, transport and insurance, you can send your request.

porte scorrevoli in vetro

The elegant glass doors of Porte Italiane

The great offer of Porte Italiane includes numerous glass doors of all kinds. From sliding models to those with wooden inserts, passing through the alternative flush-to-the-wall doors and mirrored doors. To find out more, just call 0941901172 and 0941912335. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions.