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Soundproof Door Configuration: How to Create Your Fixtures?

Soundproof Door Configuration: How to Create Your Fixtures?
Soundproof Door Configuration

The need to rely on a soundproof door can be quite common. Fixtures of this type can find a place in private homes, accommodation facilities, medical and registration offices. Any place that needs adequate sound insulation, in other words, can easily be placed next to such a door.

Thanks to the Soundproof Doors Configurator of Italian Doors, from today you will be able to design your window in a completely autonomous way and without any commitment. Let's find out how this powerful tool made available to all our loyal customers works.

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How to configure your own soundproof door?

The first step is to reach the page of the Soundproofed Door Configurator of Italian Doors. You will find yourself in front of a screen where you will have to choose in which environment you will install the frame. The choice can be divided into:

    Private homes
    Medical Studies
    Recording studios

Let's assume we select the first item. After doing this, the system will ask a second question, relating to the type of noise that is intended to be eliminated from the home. These may be soft, medium or high intensity noises. By clicking on one of the three options, the tool will identify the types of doors best suited to your case. Once you have chosen the desired model, you will be directed to the corresponding page of our online shop.

It is worth noting that during each phase of the door selection process, it is possible to go back on one's steps by clicking on the “Go back” item at the bottom of the page.
The description page of the soundproofed interior doors

Take for example the page of the 32 Db Filomuro Soundproofed Door, suitable for medium loud noises inside homes. Once the page has been loaded, you can immediately choose parameters of high importance such as opening direction and hole size.

Going further down, you will have several information sheets available. In particular, it will be possible to choose between:

Description: a brief overview of the soundproofing doors is offered here;
    Assembly card and guide: this section allows you to understand how the door is assembled;
    Delivery times: a rough indication of shipping times is provided;
    Opening direction: here it is possible to view the various opening configurations of the anti-noise door;
    Measure correctly: this section accurately reports the measurements of the frame, so that you can make the best choice;
    Certifications: our sound absorbing doors are equipped with the most well-known certifications. In this section you can deepen all the details;
    Videos: if available, videos relating to the type of acoustic door are uploaded.

It is important to underline that the number and type of information sheets changes according to the model chosen. Some models, for example, may not have videos. In any case, after selecting the required parameters, a clear indication of the price will be given. To continue, simply click on "Add to cart".

Finally, a quick summary of the selected products will be provided on the "Shopping Cart" page. In this section you will have the possibility to attach further information in the event of a discount on the invoice or reduced VAT. We refer to documents such as cadastral surveys, communication submission receipts, or ADE communication form.

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Doors of all kinds for sale on Italian Doors

The online shop of Porte Italiane is always at your disposal for the purchase of fixtures of all kinds. In particular, we offer a rich selection of technical doors. From RX leaded windows to doors for communities, from soundproof windows to swing doors, passing through doors for damp environments.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us at 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.