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Space Partition Walls Configurator: how to use it and what it is for

Space Partition Walls Configurator: how to use it and what it is for

In an era where open space is an increasingly common solution within homes, one might think that the importance of partition walls is decreasing. This is not the case, since these furnishing solutions allow you to better manage the spaces within each type of home.

For this reason, Porte Italiane has developed a new and powerful tool that allows you to create your own customized furniture solution in a short time. So let's find out how the Space Partition Wall Configurator works, and what its main features are.


The functioning of the Space Partition Wall Configurator

The first thing to do is to reach the page of the Porte Italiane Space Partition Wall Configurator. You will find yourself faced with some easy to understand options:

    Doors and sense of openness
    Compartment width
    Compartment height
    Reduced VAT

With just a few clicks, you can then choose what the aesthetics of your partition wall will be. In particular, different combinations of doors and direction of opening are offered, in order to better manage the space inside your room. Thanks to interior dividing panels, in fact, it is possible to create new environments from scratch in any type of context:

A wardrobe and wardrobe area can be created in a bedroom;
    It is possible to hide a study or a room dedicated to relaxation, perhaps reading or listening to music

It should be emphasized that the modification of each option also corresponds to a change in the figure indicated in the estimate. In this way it is possible to immediately know the amount that will have to be spent on your mobile partition wall. Also included on the same page are two images. The first shows a preview of what the wall will look like. The second, particularly useful, shows an image from above of the entire project, so as to immediately realize the space occupied.

After selecting the options you like, just click on the “Next Step” button to continue.

What appears in the estimate of the Space Partition Wall Configurator?

In a few moments, our Space Partition Wall Configurator is able to provide a detailed estimate of the product corresponding to the characteristics provided on the home page. In particular, the estimate will summarize all the technical characteristics of the sliding wall, and will provide a detailed description of the peculiarities of the chosen solution.

Within the estimate, the main strengths of each designed partition wall will be exposed. Here is an example of text generated by our configurator, in a totally automatic way:


- Folding panels in honeycomb wood thickness mm. 44 in hard wood and matt white lacquered faces.

- Concealed sliding opening and closing mechanism. With an innovative package collection system for the panels of the movable wall, characterized by a minimum size.

System consisting of:

    - 44 mm thick honeycomb panels in hard wood and faces in polished and lacquered MDF
    - guide support embedded in the ceiling or under the beam with visible veil
    - chrome hardware

The SPACE multi-leaf composition covers the following dimensions:

Width: from a minimum of mm. 1500 to a maximum of mm. 4000 and with a height up to mm. 3500.

configuratore parete divisoria

At the same time, the quote includes a clear indication of processing times, shipping costs and the final price including VAT and insurance. In this way it will be possible to immediately understand what the expense to be incurred will be.
The offer of doors and fixtures by Porte Italiane

Porte Italiane's Space Partition Walls configurator extends an offer that includes many solutions to improve the appearance and functionality of hospitality, commercial and domestic environments. Discover our selection of Glass Doors, REI 120 Doors and Sliding Doors.

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