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Technical doors: useful solutions for communities and healthcare facilities

Porte Tecniche here are the useful solutions for communities and healthcare facilities

Not all doors are designed to enhance domestic environments. There are some specific categories of fixtures that serve to increase the functionality of contexts such as communities, health and professional facilities. We are referring to technical doors, increasingly used and appreciated.

Let's find out all the secrets, first of all emphasizing the main characteristics.
Technical doors for communities: features and prices

Community doors are designed to meet specific needs for various types of environments. Whatever their destination, these are fixtures that must meet very high standards in terms of:

    Wear resistance
    Ease of maintenance

Let us briefly analyze all these aspects.

Porte tecniche per comunità


Understanding the reason for the importance of this feature is quite simple. Functionality is above all about ease of use. In environments such as canteens or schools, for example, it is important that the frame can also be used without the aid of the hands, or by small children.

It is essential that this type of door is sturdy. Subjected to stresses of all kinds, technical doors must be able to withstand shocks of a different nature than classic domestic doors. For this, their structure includes high quality materials such as aluminum, steel and laminate.
Wear resistance

Doors for technical rooms can find space in environments subjected to severe action by external agents. Think, for example, of the X-rays of an analysis laboratory or a clinic. In these cases, the door structure must be able to withstand all external stresses, and therefore be resistant to wear. We also talked extensively about these aspects in our special dedicated to hospital doors.
Ease of maintenance

Being durable and easy to use is definitely a great starting point. But community doors must also be easy to maintain in top condition. This means not only that their external structure must be easily washable and sanitized. But also that the hinges, frame and lock must be able to guarantee reliable performance for long periods.

These are essential features to ensure the safety of those who use them. Consider, for example, the case of a school. A malfunctioning door can compromise the safety of students and staff, with possible serious damage.
The types of technical doors

This category of fixtures includes a whole series of products that are quite different from each other. Taking the Porte Italiane collection of technical doors as an example, it is possible to include:

    Doors for medical offices
    Emergency exit doors
    HPL internal doors
    Double doors
    Rototranslating doors

Therefore, a technical door can be declined in various ways, and be useful in different contexts. Looking at the list of doors on offer, in fact, the difference in structure is surprising. In addition to the hinged doors, especially useful for offices and studios, the rototranslating alternatives, elegant and designed for public environments, should be highlighted. HPL doors, on the other hand, ensure almost total impermeability to water, and therefore allow you to obtain high performance even in very humid environments such as changing rooms, showers and gyms.

In summary, a technical or community door does not correspond to just one type of frame. This is a flexible category that is useful in many contexts.

Porte tecniche per ospedali ed ambienti pubblici

The offer of technical doors and for the home of Porte Italiane

Our catalog includes fixtures of all kinds. Not only technical windows and doors for communities, but also doors for hospitals, accommodation facilities and, of course, private homes. Browse the pages of the Porte Italiane website to find the right product for your needs.

For any question or request for assistance, we are always available on 0941 901172 or 0941 912335. We also offer a prompt support service via WhatsApp, which can be reached directly from our website.