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The (simple) guide to measuring interior doors

The (simple) guide to measuring doors

Before purchasing interior doors, it is advisable to carry out some extremely important preliminary operations. We are not referring only to the choice of model, color or style. Indeed, the phase of measuring the hole and the door itself is also extremely important. Below we want to offer you some advice and suggestions that can greatly facilitate this process, thus leading to the choice of the truly correct door for your needs.
Measuring internal doors: the two possible cases

When it comes to measuring the interior doors of your home, there are two possible scenarios you run into. The first, simplest, concerns the absence of a frame. The second, on the other hand, is the one where the hole is already covered by a frame (perhaps because there is already a door), on which the frame must be inserted.

The first of the two cases is the one that most frequently concerns newly built houses, that is, where a door has never been installed. The second may concern renovations of houses already inhabited, or in any case used at different times of the year.

So let's analyze the two situations, trying to highlight the different procedures that lead to the correct measurement of the door.

La procedura per misurare le porte interne

Measuring frameless interior doors - the procedure

Measuring the hole that houses the interior doors is an operation that deserves some attention. The important thing to understand is that just one measurement is not enough. In fact, there are three points in which one must proceed, a bit like a tailor does when he has to be sure of the measurements of a new suit. These are the steps:

    Let's start with the height: it is important to measure the distance between the upper edge of the hole and the floor, taking the central area, the one on the right and on the left, as a reference;
    Subsequently, the same operation must be repeated for the width. Again, three measurements must be taken: one in the middle, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Taking three measurements is essential, because the walls could have irregularities, and therefore record small but significant differences. If three different data are found, the measurement to consider – both in height and width – is the greater one.

One factor to consider is the margin of tolerance. In fact, at least 10 mm should be added to the measurements taken when only the hole is present. This measure compensates for the possible presence of frames and margins on the door to be installed.
Measuring framed interior doors: how to do it?

Measuring the hole in the door with a frame already inserted, and with its frame, is an operation that roughly follows what was described in the previous case.

If the door is already inserted, it is necessary to close it, and make sure that it is firmly inside the hole. Again, the main proceedings see more measurements. Simply take the width and length data in the top and back area of ​​the frame. Finally, it is good to also take a look at the thickness of the door, by measuring the depth of the hole.

In this way, you will come to have different data to rely on. Generally, the higher measurement (among the pairs relating to height and width) is the one to take into consideration, also to have a greater margin of error.

Porte italiane ti aiuta all'acquisto della tua porta

For the purchase of your doors, ask the experts of Porte Italiane for advice

Door measurement is certainly an important tool at your disposal when you need to choose a new frame. It is a process perhaps not so immediate, but which can be managed in the best possible way with little effort.

Once you have measured your hole, choosing the correct size doors is simple at Porte Italiane. For most of the models on sale, you have the opportunity to select the size of the doors in the "Panel Size" area.

For any other doubts or information, in any case, do not hesitate to contact us on 0941 901172 and 0941 912335. Or send an email to [email protected]