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The style of white interior doors: classic or modern?

White Interior Doors: An Ideal Choice? And the price?

Choosing to install white modern interior doors in your home can be an ideal choice. The reason is simple: the white color evokes purity, calm and harmony, as we wrote in this article. Sensations that go well with environments such as bedrooms and living rooms, but not only. This type of fixtures can also find a place in offices and work environments, precisely because of its always current appearance.

Once you have chosen to install windows in this color, there can be many questions. For example:

    Is it better to choose classic or modern white interior doors?
    Is it more correct to opt for a white interior door made of wood or with glass?
    How much does a white interior door cost?

This article tries to clarify these and other points.

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White interior doors: types and solutions

The first step is to understand what your needs are. If you are furnishing a new house, for example, you will have to be careful to take advantage of the available square footage. Rooms with little space can enjoy the presence of sliding doors, while offices may prefer windows with overlapping panels. The types of this type of fixtures, then, include:

    White wooden doors
    White lacquered doors
    White armored doors
    White folding doors
    Doors with glass

Numerous, then, are the finishes, which give a different character depending on the choice. These are the most common cases:

    Painted finishes: the wood is painted white in a simple way. This allows you to maintain the ribs of the original piece, as well as the essence and consistency of the starting material
    Laminate finishes: these are composed of various materials, including plastic and metal components
    Lacquered finishes: the wood is treated with a resinous varnish. The fibers, unlike the painted alternatives, are covered, in order to obtain a smoother surface than the starting material

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The style of white interior doors: classic or modern?

Once the type of model has been chosen, it remains to be understood what type of style the fixtures will have to present. Also in this case, the alternatives are not lacking, thanks to the numerous combinations of materials and lines on the market.

Modern white interior doors with glass, for example, are suitable for commercial and professional environments. Their elegant appearance is well suited to the measured character of places such as medical clinics and hospitals. The white interior doors with glass also allow you to have a clear view of what is happening inside the rooms, for a higher level of control.

The modern appearance allows these windows to be installed in homes or offices with a contemporary and minimalist character, without forgetting the environments linked to the increasingly current Scandinavian style.

At the same time, classic white interior doors are an ideal alternative for residential environments. Their elegant appearance allows almost immediate integration with the other furnishings already present. Unlike white glass frames, the solutions with wooden or laminate doors allow total screening, and therefore greater privacy.

The classic white interior doors are particularly suitable in shabby chic and country style environments, but also in homes that show off an industrial, ethnic and classic character.

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How much does a white interior door cost?

Classic white interior doors certainly have affordable prices. From laminate to sliding alternatives, the final cost is a few hundred euros. The same goes for windows with a more modern style, up to the more complex alternatives, composed of glass and wood or laminate.

Asking how much a white interior door costs is a more than legitimate question which, as seen, often finds positive answers. The main factors affecting the final cost, in general, are:

    The measure of the panel
    The presence and type of handles
    The type of material
    The type of door
    The tax regime

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