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Tips on how to prevent mold damage on interior doors

Tips on how to prevent mold damage on interior doors

Ventilation is the key to preventing mold on interior doors, windows and throughout the home. Mold, it should be stressed, is a type of fungus that develops on surfaces and can cause various problems if present in excessive quantities.

Fortunately, this fungus is both treatable and preventable with the right tools and a good deal of attention. Therefore, let's find out some of the most effective ways to keep mold out of the house.

Mold is everywhere!

Mold spores are microscopic, float in the air, and are essentially everywhere. If you or someone living in your home is experiencing malaise that you think may be caused by mold, or if someone is allergic, it is important to consult a doctor or health professional before taking any preventative or removal measures.

Basically, mold loves humid and warm places. When removing it, it is recommended to wear safety glasses, gloves and a protective mask. If mold is present on your doors or is noticeable in your rooms, it does not necessarily mean that your home is dirty or poorly maintained, but you may have humidity problems that should be addressed.

To eliminate excess moisture and prevent mold, however, try to keep the humidity level in your home below 50%.

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Clean frequently

If you see mold growing inside the house and on the doors, it is important to clean it immediately. A little bit of mold can create a lot more of it over time, so proper cleaning is vital to prevent the one currently present from spreading elsewhere. In terms of cleaning, there are numerous products that you can use. For hard surfaces such as windows, paneling or doors, a rag and a little detergent mixed with water can produce great results in most cases.

Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and borax can all kill mold. When using chemicals of this kind, however, care must be taken as they are very aggressive and potentially dangerous both for surfaces and for humans.
Ensure proper ventilation

For rooms in the house that have a lot of excess moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, proper ventilation is essential to dry the air and prevent condensation that can lead to mold growth on doors. Open windows and interior doors, use floor and ceiling fans, turn on the air conditioner - these are all ways to circulate fresh air and decrease stagnant moisture condensing on surfaces.

How to clean glass doors

Window cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most demanding activities. It can sometimes be a long operation and is often also complicated. However, it can also become practical and fast if you follow some important tips.

Prepare 1 liter of warm water, half a glass of white wine vinegar and half a glass of alcohol: pour the solution into a "spray bottle", rinse and dry the glass.

For cleaning small or medium-sized surfaces, you can choose between microfibre or chamois cloths, or newspaper, usually the most used, as it does not leave streaks or residues.

If you want to know more, we invite you to consult the complete guide on our website!

Use of ozone to sanitize and purify the air

Another very functional suggestion is to use an Ozone Generator to purify and sanitize the air.

Thanks to its disinfectant property capable of eliminating 99.00% of germs, bacteria, fungi, molds, spores, in fact, ozone breaks down the microbial load present in the air and on surfaces, representing a powerful ally in the fight against allergies. , asthma and infections. Its high oxidizing power also eliminates bad odors, it is in fact a naturally occurring gas which, after its use in this type of intervention, leaves no chemical residues. When generating ozone, the room or room must be empty!

Here is some info for a correct use of the generator and for an excellent sanitization of the rooms
You can select a duration of up to 60 minutes for air cleaning. After the set time has elapsed, the units turn off.
With a power of 95 watts, the luminaires are particularly energy efficient and therefore very economical.
The model manages to purify 200 m3 in just 8-20 minutes.

Here's where to buy an ozone generator.

It is therefore a simple remedy to implement, which can however lead to excellent results in a short time.
Treat the doors properly

Once the presence of mold on doors and windows has been ascertained, it is advisable to proceed with the correct cleaning. Soap and water could do little in the most "serious" cases. For this reason, we invite you to read our guide to house door maintenance, which includes many little secrets to get the best out of your windows.

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As we have seen, the problem of mold on doors is certainly common and equally solvable. If you need more advice, do not hesitate to ask for help through our support service via WhatsApp.

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