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Ventilated Doors Configurator: furnishing solutions for you

Fan Door Configurator: customized furnishing solutions

We have already had the opportunity to talk about the swing doors several times in this blog. Their great versatility allows them to be used in all types of environments, especially those that are receptive and related to catering. Although these are apparently very simple frames from a structural point of view, it is fair to say that the swing doors can be available in different variants and models. However, the public is not always aware of the many alternatives available to them.

That is why we have decided to introduce a new and powerful tool that will allow you to obtain the solution you were looking for for your restaurant, hotel or kitchen. We are talking about the Ventilated Door Configurator by Porte Italiane: let's immediately find out how it works and what its characteristics are.

porte a ventola

How does the fan door configurator work?

First, you need to reach the Fan Door Configurator page. You will find yourself in front of a screen made up of different options. Let's go and describe them in detail:

    Color: you can choose between different alternatives, from classic white to gray oak
    Porthole: you can choose whether your door will have a porthole or not. In the first case, it will be possible to insert a round or square glass insert
    Number of doors: the far west doors we propose are with one or two doors
    Panel width and height: the measurements in cm of the desired panels must be indicated
    Frame: the choice here can include the frame on one side of the door only, or on all sides

In addition to these options, it will be possible to view a real-time preview of the kitchen door created, as well as a preview of the project from above, to verify the direction of opening. This makes it easy to get a solution that is really close to your needs.

After filling in all the fields, the system will calculate a rough estimate in real time. If the result satisfies you, all you have to do is click on “Next Step”.

The quote for customized swing doors

The second phase of using the Ventilated Door Configurator of Italian Doors involves the creation in real time of a quote that reflects the information entered in the section described in the previous paragraph. In a few moments, our system is able to create a detailed summary of the order, indicating all the most important information.

In the case of saloon doors, the shipping time is clearly indicated, as well as any transport costs. Then follows a list in which color, number of portholes, number of doors, type of frame, width and height of the panels are underlined.

Perhaps the most important feature of our configurator, however, is the one concerning the description of the product created in the first screen. In a completely automatic way, a text is created that allows you to know in detail the essential elements of the frame that will be received. As an example, we indicate below the description of a swing door with single leaf without porthole:

The Coming and Going Doors are saloon type closures and are used in all those cases where the door must be normally closed, but can be opened with the simple passage of the person. In fact, the swing door allows the opening in a very simple way from both sides.

In addition, the door can be equipped with a glass porthole to ensure the view between the two rooms, in turn this porthole can be found in the round or square shape, to best satisfy your requests.

OPENING DIRECTION: the opening direction does not matter as the door can be mounted either right or left. ATTENTION the frame only goes on the side of the saloon door hinge. The version with double DOOR 'is included with safety clear glass.

Normally, the to and fro doors with wooden vents do not have handles or locks.

TYPE Door to and from SINGLE DOOR WITHOUT PORTHOLE AND FRAME ONLY HINGES SIDE, suitable for public places.

DOOR (thickness 44 mm): 2 hinged door panels consisting of a perimeter frame in dried and anti-wood jointed fir wood, honeycomb in resin-coated cardboard with a cell of mm. 22 mm HDF support. 4 laminate finishing.

FRAME of the saloon door (112x 40 mm): jamb on both sides. HARDWARE: THREE Bommer type saloon door hinge, for heavy loads.

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The offer of doors of all types of Italian doors

In the catalog of Italian Doors there are not only swing doors. Browsing through the pages of our online shop, in fact, it is possible to come across many other fixtures of different types. From the exclusive modular walls, completely customizable, to the classic swing doors, the choice is wide and suitable for every need. Furthermore, for any information we are always available numbers 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.