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What does it mean to dream of a door? Symbolisms and hidden meanings

Symbolisms and hidden meanings

We at Porte Italiane love to talk about windows and doors by embracing all the possible dimensions of analysis. So we can happen to list the largest doors in the world, but also to analyze in depth, for example, the reasons for installing a sliding door in the bedroom.

Today we choose to examine doors from a new, mysterious and fascinating angle. That is: what does it mean to dream of an internal door? What meanings and symbolisms does such a phenomenon hide? We try to clarify.

Significati del sognare una porta interna

Is dreaming of a door a good thing or not?

The door can have so many meanings in a dream. Because it is a dynamic element, and therefore easily associated with various situations. Is it an open or closed door? Is it a door placed to protect something, or a threshold that separates us from danger?

If your dreams are populated by fixtures, the meanings could be the most disparate. Let's first see the two most common cases: dreaming of a closed door and an open one.
Dreaming of an open door: what does it mean?

Being in front of a closed door is never a pleasant thing, both in real life and in dreams. In this second case, however, the attributable meanings are decidedly varied and can be interpreted in various ways.

Dreaming of a closed door could be synonymous with:

    Obstacles that are perceived as insurmountable;
    Lost opportunities;
    Fear of exposure and closure towards others:
    Refusal towards something or someone;
    Aggression not channeled properly;
    Desire for protection.

These are the most common meanings. As seen, a closed door is often associated with negative images such as fear, rejection, a physical or emotional block.

Cosa può significare sognare una porta aperta

Dreaming of an open door: the meanings

The door, when open, connects two environments, unites people, brings them closer. In essence, it gives freedom. That's why dreaming of an open window is often associated with positive meanings such as:

    New opportunities to exploit;
    Overcoming a particularly difficult obstacle;
    Evolution, growth, desire for positive change;
    New relationships, especially sentimental ones;

The cases in which the door is closed or open are the simplest, because the door is in a static position. What, though, when the frame is part of a dynamic action?
Dreaming of doors in dynamic scenes

It's quite difficult to be able to describe your dreams. Especially when they concern complex, lively, dynamic scenes. Dreaming of a static door, open or closed, is definitely possible. But it is even more common to imagine a window moving.

These are the most frequent cases:

    doors that open by themselves: it can represent the desire for acceptance, the desire to go beyond a possible difficulty, the curiosity to see what the future has in store;
    Dreaming of opening the door to someone: here too, it could be synonymous with the desire for acceptance, for relationships with others. It could be a sentimental relationship, a friendship, or a simple desire to make peace with a loved one;
    Dreaming of locking the door – in this case the most important feelings are fear and discomfort. The fear of being invaded, by a feeling or by someone, and therefore the need to withdraw into oneself;
    Dreaming of closing the door in someone's face indicates a lack of respect, the desire to avoid someone who perhaps, during the day, you are forced to attend, perhaps at work.

The list could go on for a long time but the message seems clear: every episode concerning the use of a door, in dreams, has its own meaning.

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