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Which opening direction should your doors have?

Which opening direction should your doors have?

To find out if a new door will fit your home, you need to take note of a large number of aspects. Often we focus on the color, on the structure, on the operating mechanism. However, details such as the opening verse are also extremely important. In this article, then, we will talk about how to choose the correct door opening direction of the fixtures, in order to increase the functionality of the entire home.
Why is the direction of the doors important?

When choosing a particular design for a new door, it is important to imagine where it will be installed. Having done this, you need to think about the way your current door opens, and figure out if this direction is comfortable enough. In other words, it is necessary to analyze whether it makes sense to proceed in the same direction, or whether it is better to change and modify the direction.

Before buying a new door, therefore, take note of the swinging of the window. As a rule, there are four possible scenarios:

    The swing is to the left if the hinges are on the left side and the door opens inwards

    The swing is reversed to the left if the hinges are on the left side and the door opens outwards

    The swing is to the right if the hinges are on the right side and the door opens inwards

    The swing is reversed to the right if the hinges are on the right side and the door opens outwards


Why is it necessary to choose the correct opening direction of the doors?

There are many reasons why the correct door swing is beneficial to your home. It is surprising how such a simple element can be so important. In particular, aspects such as weather resistance, overall security and protection against possible intrusion attempts are affected.
Mitigates the effects of external agents

This is an aspect that mainly concerns the external doors. If you choose a new window and mount it the wrong way, it is very likely that you will have problems in bad weather.

On these occasions, keeping the door with the wrong side open for a few more seconds could allow water to enter the house, and thus force the entire area close to the frame to be cleaned frequently. Opting for a correct orientation, on the other hand, ensures that the door remains open only for the time necessary, reducing the action of external agents.
Enhance security in case of intrusions

Staying safe in your home can be an easier goal to achieve if you choose the correct direction of the door swing. Which should normally be inward. To understand the reason for this choice, just give an example. It is more difficult, in fact, to close the door on someone you do not want to enter your home if the door opens to the outside.
Increases the comfort of use

When choosing the door opening direction, it is important to consider whether the chosen orientation could give problems to other people. If there is an emergency, someone may not be able to leave the building if the open frame creates obstacles or other obstacles of this type.

Therefore, before determining the direction of the doors it is also good to evaluate the arrangement of the rooms and furniture, as well as the people who will have to go to use the windows.

senso di apertura

Change the opening direction of the glass door lock

We at Italian doors also offer a simple and intuitive video tutorial on how to change the opening direction of the lock for glass doors.

We remind you that even the details such as the opening direction are extremely incisive on the functionality of this frame, which stands out in your spaces for elegance and design!
How to measure interior doors

Here is an easy guide on how to measure your interior doors!

If you are thinking of having to replace your interior doors, you must also understand how to take the measurements and what the direction of opening is.

Once the side and top escutcheons have been removed, the width and height of the door to be ordered can be established. To do this, the internal measurements of the subframe must be taken. Once the measurements and the opening of the doors have been collected, the new models can be purchased.

In this regard, on our online store you will find a wide selection of doors for all tastes and needs.
Rely on the experts of Porte Italiane for assistance and support

The doors sold by Porte Italiane can be mounted in the direction deemed most appropriate. In fact, on the page dedicated to each product it is possible to choose the opening direction, in order to obtain the frame ready to be installed correctly.

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