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Wooden doors: the reasons for choosing these unique fixtures

Wooden doors: the reasons for choosing these unique fixtures

When it comes to the look of our homes, front doors are very important. If you're new to wooden doors, you may not realize that there are so many different types to choose from.

So here are all the things to know before starting the purchases of these unique, beautiful to look at and timeless style fixtures.
They add style and sophistication

Doors of this type are a good choice to make your home beautiful, because wood is a very resistant material. Also, it's a good idea to consider wood if you're building a new home. There are many different woods to choose from. You can opt for:

    Cherry tree
    Pine tree

And even bamboo. The best thing about using wood in your home is that it will last a long time. Despite this, you need to know how to keep your interior wooden door in top shape. You'll need to keep an eye on the weather and clean it regularly. This way you can ensure that you get the most out of your investment in wooden interior doors

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They are available in various formats

If you want to buy a new door, you should know that there are many different options. Among others, it is possible to choose between a solid wood door or a hollow-core door. These are two top-notch alternatives. The strength of these two types of doors is their main difference.

In most cases, a solid wood door is able to support more weight than internal doors. This means that its resistance is normally higher. At the same time, hollow-core doors may be preferred due to their light weight and versatility.

Maintenance is simple

There are many reasons why wooden doors are popular. One of them concerns their maintenance. First of all, it must be said that wood is a living material, which reacts to external stimuli. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as warping due to humidity, or a general loss of color and vibrancy from too much sun.

The good news is that maintaining these fixtures is pretty simple. If carried out rigorously and frequently, it will allow you to keep the windows in excellent condition for several years. For more information, read our guide to maintaining interior doors.

Their price is affordable

When it comes to choosing the right interior door for your home, you should think about how much money you want to spend. If you don't have large sums of money, you might be interested in evaluating some cheaper options.

You can get high quality real wood doors if you are willing to pay more. For example, you could opt for a solid oak door instead of honeycomb. You need to look for the best quality accessories (such as handles) that you can afford.

In general, the factors that can influence the price of a wooden door are:

    Panel size
    Any colors
    Presence of elaborate accessories
    Tax rate

The models for sale on the Porte Italiane website have prices that change automatically based on your choices in terms of dimensions, accessories and colours. It's easier to choose this way.

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Buy your wooden doors from Porte Italiane

Porte Italiane is always at your disposal with its wide range of wooden doors of all kinds. For any information and suggestions, you can rely on our experts, who can be reached by telephone on 0941 912335 and 0941 901749.