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Interior doors are indispensable elements in a home. Thanks to them, the environments are dynamically delimited, but not only. The action of the fixtures, in fact, is not limited to the separation of rooms and rooms, given that these furnishing details allow to:

  • Mute and isolate sounds and noises
  • Maintain the right privacy
  • Give new environments personality

Buying the most suitable interior doors for your home can be a challenge. Choosing a SOUNDPROOF DOOR,,for example, can certainly lead to greater silence, while SLIDING OR FOLDING DOORS respond to specific needs in terms of available space and functionality

Below, then, we offer some simple tips that can make choosing the interior doors easier.

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The different types of interior doors

The first step to be addressed concerns the choice of the type of window to be used. This decision should take into account the space available, the openings, but also the size and cost that you want to bear.

Once these parameters are established, it is possible to perform a first cataloging of the internal fixtures:

  • Swing door porte interne battenti destre sinistreThis is the most traditional and used category of interior doors. This type of window stands out for its practicality, as well as for the lower cost compared to other window frames. The hinged door is the traditional door, fixed to the compartment on one side by means of hinges, which can be visible or concealed. The door opening mechanism is simple: to open, it only needs to rotate. These windows can be with one or two doors, with a smooth shutter or a glass compartment.

  • Pocket sliding door
    sezione telaio a scomparsa scrignoThis type of window is ideal when space is limited. The door, in fact, slides inside the counterframe, in fact disappearing and remaining inside the masonry when the door is open. There are alternatives on the market with one or two doors.
  • Sliding doors outside the wallapertura porte scorrevoli esterne
    This category of interior doors is similar to sliding pocket doors. The substantial difference lies in the fact that the door, in this case, slides on rails outside the wall, next to the frame. The installation of these fixtures does not require complex masonry works. They are available with one or two doors.

  • Folding doorsporte a libro destre o sinitreFOLDING DOORS make the most of the space available. Also called folding doors, these fixtures have openings to the right or left, inwards or outwards. The folding windows have two doors that overlap each other like an accordion, thus reducing the size.
  • Rototranslating doors
    If you need to work in a small room, choosing a roto-translating door is always a choice to be carefully evaluated. These fixtures are in fact characterized by the intelligent and space-saving opening mechanism. In rototranslating windows, the door turns on itself by means of a pin. In this way, sliding towards the edge of the compartment, the size of the door is reduced, even compared to a traditional swing door.

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Interior doors materials and finishes

The internal doors offered on the market have different combinations of finishes and materials. This parameter strongly influences the final price of the door. For a given frame model, then, it is possible to use different finishes, obtaining the same aesthetic effect and, depending on the case, saving on the final cost of the supply.

Below are the most frequent combinations of materials and finishes:

  • Wood veneer
    These are thin sheets of wood obtained from the horizontal rotary cut of the logs. The veneers can be applied to various types of supports (plywood, MDF, blockboard) for the manufacture of furniture, furnishings and doors. This material reduces costs without sacrificing product quality. The horizontal cutting process, in fact, if well executed increases the resistance to woodworms, and leads to greater lightness and stability.
  • Laminate
    Laminate is the solution that imitates the appearance of wood. Made of phenolic or melamine resins, these materials are characterized by their resistance and hygiene. it is also resistant to humidity, scratches and stains, and perfectly reproduces the grain of the wood.
  • Lacquers
    The lacquers go perfectly with all styles of furniture, from modern to contemporary, passing through the classic. The type of finish in question is characterized by the application of several layers of matte or bright paint. Available in different colors, this option makes the interior door waterproof and easy to clean.

  • Veneered doors
    The veneered doors are made of different types of wood, covered with a thin piece of wood called veneer. The panel selected for the cover is normally made of fine wood, cut along the vein (or backbone) or in the hotel briar.

  • Glass doors
    Doors of this type have tempered or laminated glass. Tempered glass is obtained by subjecting the sheets to a heat treatment at 700 degrees, followed by cooling. In the event of breakage, these alternatives are fragmented into very small, non-dangerous pieces, thus guaranteeing maximum safety. Laminated glass is also very safe, since it does not divide into multiple pieces when it is fractured. Upon breakage, an intermediate layer keeps the glass surfaces that surround it together

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Other factors to consider when choosing interior doors

Whatever the type of internal doors chosen, before purchasing, you need to know how much space you have available. This means having to take measurements after installing the subframe, in order to know the values ​​of:

  • Width
      • Height
        • Depthcome rilevare le misure delle porteIf you are working on a new building, it is good practice to contact the manufacturer and request the standard measurements. In this way it is possible to make the standard compartments, and not incur additional expenses for the construction of the internal doors made to measure

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        Problems in choosing interior doors? There is Italian Doors!
        The internal doors are a real piece of furniture. After choosing the type of opening and the material, in fact, it is necessary to integrate the fixtures with the rest of the furniture, in order to create an environment tailored to your needs.
        For any doubt or information, you can CONTACT PORTE ITALIANE. Our experts will be able to help you in choosing the perfect interior doors for your home.