Flush-to-wall cupboard 2 panel folding doors

Flush- to- wall cupboard 2 panel folding doors

Folding doors cupboard - Flush- to wall cupboard

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€1,612.56 (tax incl.)
Panel size
  • 130x213x11 (Armadio Raso Muro)
  • 150x213x11 (Armadio Raso Muro)
  • 170x213x11 (Armadio Raso Muro)
  • 190x213x11 (Armadio Raso Muro)
Handles (hover with the mouse to see the price):
  • Maniglione Tondo Inox 700x25 mm
  • Maniglione Tondo Inox 400x25 mm
  • Maniglione Quadrato Inox 300x25mm
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Flush-to- wall Wardrobe. Folding doors cupboard 2 Doors.

4 panel folding flush-to- wall door. Flush-to-wall. In the name of functionality, the FLUSH-TO- WALL FOLDING DOORS line for wardrobe closets is able to satisfy every specific need, redesigning a new concept of order and practicality, without however renouncing a result of strong aesthetic value.

We offer a valid solution for those who have a large wardrobe and want to have a space to try on their clothes and clothing accessories in complete freedom.

It was created to be installed easily and quickly on plasterable or plasterboard walls.

Porte Italiane ships the flush-to-wall wardrobe assembled and tested in the factory.

 flush to the wall wardrobe
Our flush-to-wall wardrobe with folding doors has a very robust aluminum structure.
in passivated extruded aluminum that replaces the box.
DOOR in 19 mm thick MDF wood, smooth 19 mm thick.
Class E-1 low formaldehyde emission. 
To the door can be glued tile, wallpaper or can be painted like the wall.
 level wall section
Frame core in passivated extruded aluminum (EN AW 6060- Anticorodal 063 alloy) which replaces the box (intradose-jamb).

EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME replaces the box (intradose-jamb), allowing the panel to align with the plaster wire by eliminating the cover frames. The very robust structure is adaptable to all wall thicknesses.

The masonry version is equipped with perimetrical brackets which facilitate its anchoring to the wall.

The plasterboard version has obtained the support for the plasterboard in the frame.

Complete with square big handle.

 Special closures adjustment.jpg


 Special closures adjustment


 Special closures adjustment

HINGES adjustable in the three axes and with 105 ° opening angle
 flush with wall wardrobe with 2 doors flush with wall wardrobe with 2 doors     . flush with wall wardrobe with 2 doors
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