Transparent External Sliding Glass Door with Sandblasted Designs

Custom design external sliding glass doors

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Custom design external sliding glass door

Sliding glass door portoncino blindato prezzi CONTACT The expert of sliding glass doors

porte in vetro scorrevole porte scorrevoli in vetro satinato porta scorrevole vetro


Light up your home or to characterize the furniture even more or if the rooms are small: these are just some of the cases in which to insert an external Sliding Door .... between the living area and the kitchen area it can be a functional and creative choice ! The external sliding doors are functional and beautiful to look at, with our silent track with ball bearing carriages with capacity kg. 120. The valance in brushed anodized aluminum embellishes the sliding doors at really interesting prices.

Furnishing and personalizing environments with an impressive and competitive glass door Sliding glass doors unbeatable prices!

The installation of the external sliding doors on the wall, in the presence of a well-finished compartment, does not present particular difficulties, to be carried out also with the DIY technique.

Technical characteristics of the sliding doors on the outside of the wall, satin finish, customized sandblasted design

Choose from our solutions, between sliding doors in frosted glass and with sandblasted design.

After considering the space on which the door will be mounted and taking the measurements, you must rely on your personal taste to choose the type of door and the glass processing. Here are some of the solutions that you can find on our site of cheap external sliding glass doors

TYPE: Internal sliding external wall doors to design with compact series track. DOOR Tempered glass - satin finish sliding outside wall, with round or square stainless steel handles or round or square handle.

BINARY: In extruded anodized aluminum, capacity 120 Kg. Mounting: On pre-squared wall.

VALANCE: covered in bleached oak or any other color.

The cleanliness of the details characterizes the glass doors with the need for an essential style and character.

Discover the glass doors available and discover the convenience of buying online with delivery to your home!

porta vetro scorrevole e disegno

Sliding doors prices with a small surcharge you can decorate the external sliding door in various designs. The design shown in the photo is the SLIDING GLASS DOORS model Evo Hard

 sliding glass door economic price

Sliding glass door very interesting price (€ 171,00) in this solution the glass has transparent stripes and can be seen clearly through the door.

You have the opportunity to enjoy transparent doors that can be crossed by the light that improves the lighting of environments.


sliding glass doors satin glass

Sliding glass door price on offer (€ 171,00) Through the glass you have the possibility to see and not to see through the door.

 external wall sliding doors with valance measures

GLASS DOORS here are the two types of OPENING



 external sliding door glass wall section

Complete with sliding glass door track with wood-covered valance.

Possibility of attachment to both wall and ceiling.

You will not have to buy anything apart !!

 sliding doors prices satin glass

This is what the satin part of the door looks like.

Made with an innovative etching process, a satin finish is obtained that makes the glass more resistant to stains than simple sandblasting. A uniform etching allows to obtain a homogeneous surface similar to silk, pleasant to the touch, called "satin".

sliding glass door outside the wallExternal wall sliding door dimensions to check.

What we supply of external wall sliding glass doors

 sliding glass doorExternal sliding doors with any design
accessories for sliding glass doors outside the wall

Glass door external wall sliding door, complete with accessories ...

 sliding glass door with round stainless steel handle

Sliding glass doors satin and Evo Seventy design

 glass door handles

Handles for sliding glass doors:

Round handle mm. 700 x 25

Round handle mm. 400 x 25

Square handle 230 x 20

Square handle mm. 75 x 75

Rectangular handle 120 x 70

Round handle da mm. 65

Features flush-to-wall sliding glass doors

 transparent tempered sliding glass doorTransparent glass for sliding door
 sliding glass door frosted or etched glassSatin glass for sliding door
 sliding glass doors designCustomized frosted sandblasted glass for external sliding glass door
Glass finishes of sliding glass doors
porte scorrevoli esterno muro vetri sabbiati a disegno
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