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  • Porta Laminato Olmo grigio con inserti Porte Interne
  • Porta Laminato Olmo grigio con inserti Porte Interne

Gray Elm Laminate Door with inserts

Gray Elm Laminate Door with aluminum inserts and lacquered frame in customized finish.

Square black lacquered handle included in the offer!

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387 € tax incl.

  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
  • VAT at 4%
  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)

Water resistant door

DOOR (45-mm thick): Door panel consisting of a perimeter frame of dried spliced ​​fir tree wood, dried and treated anti-woodworm, with internal honeycomb filling and a 4-mm support double ennobled laminated

STRAIGHT FRAME (measuring 112x40 mm): fir-tree jamb with perimeter structure of WATER-RESISTANT HDF covered in 3 D scratch-resistant white with lateral millings for the fittings of the covering strips. The frame allows you to adapt it to walls ranging from 11 cm. to 14 cm.

Straight COVERING STRIPS (measuring 72 x 16 mm): in scratch and water-resistant HDF, with a flap of 25 mm, so it can fit into the frame.


LOCK included - Anuba type HINGES

door measurements

We are the first company to offer a one-of-a-kind solution.
The frame and covering strips are waterproof and water resistant.
After a certain number of years, the jambs and covering strips could deteriorate.
By introducing our technology, there is no risk regarding any aesthetic and/or structural damage.

The frame and the covering strip are made of wood and treated waterproof HDF. 



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