Electric strike for armored doors

Electric strike for armored doors

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Electric strike

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We are often asked if it is possible to open a door remotely without changing the mechanical lock. The answer is YES !! it is sufficient to install an electric strike.

In many situations there is a need to open a security door without having to physically reach it.

A hotel, B&B, office, a shop, a study, the door of an apartment building, it is always possible to electrify the opening of a common mechanical lock by installing an electric strike.

A required intervention is the replacement of the striking plate on the jamb with one that houses the electric striker. In this way, the opening of the lock can be controlled by a button positioned where it is most convenient. With the electric strike for access control system ..... it is possible to automate the opening of the door by means of a badge, transponder or by opening from the intercom.

The installation of an electric strike is an excellent solution for those who need to open a door remotely. Several situations present this need: to open the door of a bed and breakfast, of a shop to a customer from behind the cash desk, or that of a studio or, more simply, the door of a condominium building.

here are the characteristics of the electric strike for armored doors

 electric strike for armored door

Agb adjustable electric strike 12 Volts, for armored doors.

The particular shape allows the pistons to slide easily.

It is supplied as standard with an adjustable insert that always guarantees excellent functioning of the safety latch of the lock.


 electric strike for armored door

with opening memory.

With opening memory (Anti-repeater): to the electrical impulse the striker is predisposed to opening and maintains this predisposition until the door is opened and closed.

The device for activating the opening memory is internal and not bound to the latch.

NB. The opening memory is internal and its proper functioning is guaranteed regardless of the adjustment and the door air.

 electric strike for armored door

the electric strike armored door

it is particularly suitable for creating access control systems, such as hotel rooms, offices, institutions, and can be powered indiscriminately with short pulses or permanent power supply for long periodswithout overheating of the coil.


Strike electric ... here's how to install it on the security door.

 home automation electric strike

Prepare suitable milling on the armored door frame and fix with screws.

 AGB electric strike for home automation

with a simple milling it becomes really easy to apply the AGB electric strike

 electric strike to automate a hotel doorMake a square hole with the hose.
 electric strike framethis is how the frame will look, you can clearly see that the electric striker is shaped to allow the passage of the lock throws.
 electric strike with opening memorydrill for locking screws
 electric strike with opening memoryscrew the electric striker
 electric strike assemblytighten the screws
 electric strike agbthe electric striker mounted
 Electric striker for opening armored doorhere's how to adjust the "play" of the security door
 electric strike with open stop

the "stop day" can be activated manually or with a screwdriver, inside the striker.

the lock can be opened electrically if the day stop is in the OFF position

 electric strike with open stop

and it can also work always open if the day stop is ON.

Particularly useful, in offices where the door must remain open at certain times.

Or in an access door to a building when guarded by a porter it can remain open for greater convenience, while it must remain closed at night.

electric striker for armored door on the rearconnect the wires to the electrical system at 12 volts

here is for which locks the electric strike is suitable:

 electric striker for armored door

electric striker agb

electric striker cisa

electric striker mottura

electric strike for doors

electric strike armored door

electric strike iseo

electric strike Viro

electric strike price

electric lock

The convenience of electric strikers is therefore not only that of being able to open an armored door remotely, but also of how the opening must work.

Comfort and flexibility, the STOP A DAY function should not be underestimated.

A useful function is to leave the strike in the open position in all situations in which the door must remain open for long periods.

the "day lock" is useful, for example, on the access door to a building which, when guarded by a porter, can remain open, while it must remain closed at night.

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